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11/1/2009 c22 Zelda Twilight Princess
Hey, sweety!

more excitement! :) You're doing great, Keep it up!

Con is pretty whipped, huh? haha!

Can't wait for more!

Love ya!

10/13/2009 c21 Zelda Twilight Princess

love ya girl. nice bit of humor.

keep it up. you're wonderful!

9/15/2009 c20 Zelda Twilight Princess
hey lady!

great chapter! keep it coming! i'm still waiting for all the exciting bits... i guess that's kinda the bad part of knowing some of the later chapters in advance :)

Love ya!

7/29/2009 c19 Zelda Twilight Princess
How very interesting!

Moving along nicely with the relations and the revelations... :D

I really want to meet her brother now!

You are wonderful my love. Keep it up!

Love always,

7/11/2009 c18 Zelda Twilight Princess
Wow, babe!

that's my kind of girl right there! Tough and sure of herself.

This was a great way of showing some of Bree's inner turmoil. Well, at least her struggle to keep herself on the DL. :D

As always, love, I canot wait for more...

Love ya,

6/6/2009 c17 Zelda Twilight Princess
O my goodness!

You have not lost your touch my dear...

This is quite an interesting scene! A very good set up of the romantic side of Bree. Kinda reminds me of that lesson on Romeo and Juliet in Churchwell's class... hehe...

I like these continuations very much!

Well done, babe. Keep it up!

I know the best is yet to come!


5/14/2009 c15 Zelda Twilight Princess
o my gosh, my dearest lady!

I'm sorry it's been so long since i've reviewed... stupid AP work...

anyways... I think you are doing wonderful as always! i love this story and really want you to finish it! I would really love to see it in print some day! :D that would be absolutely Ah-May-Zing!

please don't loose your will to write! you are phenomenal and this story has such potential...

i love it when you tell me about the new scenes you see sometimes!

Love you, sweety!

keep writing

3/9/2009 c13 Zelda Twilight Princess
: )
you were right, chikki! its all fitting together perfectly! i'm so excited for you! keep it up
love ya,
3/2/2009 c12 Zelda Twilight Princess
hey lady!

ep! this is very exciting! the pieces are all fitting together now. I can't wait to see what's next.

love ya,

2/7/2009 c11 Zelda Twilight Princess
eps! finally! i've been waiting for him!
2/2/2009 c10 Zelda Twilight Princess
oh my goodness! please dont stop here!


pirates, rough oceans carnivorous fish... this girl's got it hard...

can't wait for more!


ps. how old is she?
2/2/2009 c8 Zelda Twilight Princess
wow! very exciting!

1/8/2009 c1 4Russet.And.Topaz.Pandemonium
Oh i like it alot so far Bri, i also just realized that Kaitlyn was write and i did forget to review.
1/7/2009 c7 Zelda Twilight Princess

I'm so excited! Now that we know her background, I can't wait to see how you merge it into the middle section! I won't spoil it for your other readers, but you know what (or who *wink*) I mean. :D

Like I told you the other day, I'm very proud of your dedication to this story! It's going to be great! Promise me a signed copy when you get published? haha!

love ya, chikki

10/30/2008 c1 Zelda Twilight Princess
Hey there chica!

i'm so happy to see you on fictionpress!

Congratulations on that first review, they make you happy, don't they?

You already know that i love this story! it's still great!

i'm proud of you!


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