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2/11/2021 c14 1casmonido
I find I might have read all of your stories, but this is truly my favorite out of all of them. I just love the main couple's dynamic.
And... I think Reecie had captured every fan's feelings perfectly. And if the story can't be continued, the second best thing would be to hear from the author and learn they are fine. The years-long silence is HEARTBREAKING.
2/2/2019 c14 Reecie
This is another story that I wish wasn't abandoned. I love Jude and Mikey soo much but they're trapped forever as they are in these pages. Every time I reread them it's like looking over an old obituary that should have been a sudoku block in a newspaper and it makes me super sad. Even so, I pray the author has found only happiness because we all know that most people who stop writing are either too busy or unhappy/unhealthy and lack the motivation.
2/6/2016 c14 Rhodry-Arterius
Squeee Zion is officially amazing, keep up the awesome work.
3/8/2015 c14 1rAiNwAtEr1
Zion and Jude have captured my heart. I love how your not rushing the romance between them but not hiding the lingering attraction either. Their chemistry is exciting. I also like Jude's relationship with Mikey, it's adorable. As a mater of fact I love how all supernatural beings seem to be irrevocably attracted to him as if he was a beacon in the dark. Please. Please update soon, I'm in desperate need of more!
2/3/2015 c3 1The CL
I'm not usually into shifter stories, not that this is technically a shifter story so far, but I'm really into this. I like how Jude seems to be so normal in the middle of so much craziness. The way he calmly handles it is kind of amusing to me for some reason.
1/26/2015 c14 4R. Ficst
Great stuff here. :)

I'm curious to see where you'll go from here. Will you merge Mikey's story with Jude's and alternate POV chapter to chapter? I definitely want to see where all of this goes for all of your wonderful characters.
12/23/2014 c4 pradlee
I'm so happy you've been updating this! I followed your first version of this story and was afraid that your proposed revision of it would never actually happen D: As compared to the other version, McCartnnon's introduction makes a lot more sense and acts as better foreshadowing and Mikey's whole serious moment adds a lot of depth to his character. Something you might consider changing: the segue from when Zion was there to life after Zion left is a bit abrupt. I see what you're trying to do (say what changes have there been in Mikey and in school and in Jude's job), but I feel like it should be slightly more extended. Maybe something about how Zion's leaving and/or finding out about Mikey's knowledge of these 'weird' beings affected Jude's life in the intervening time (I believe you had a section like this in the previous version), or how Jude got his job (irrelevant, I know, but it feels out of the blue to just announce that he's a trail breaker now. It's pretty random.).

Anyway, thanks for keeping up with this! I look forward to reading more.
9/23/2014 c10 5ramblingrobin
Still loving this story.
9/8/2014 c13 1dontletgo
I love this story, absolutely in love!
8/26/2014 c7 5ramblingrobin
I am too tired to give this chapter the review it deserves. I enjoyed it very much, though, especially Wiley's power and how he uses is. Very cool.
8/24/2014 c12 Depth-of-Field
That reversal right in the middle of the chapter, though! OH MY GOD. I love it. I love that moment when Jude switched from being in control and about to rock Mikey's world (and poor Finn, but maybe it's better if he doesn't know) to being in the control of everyone else (Mikey repeating his words back to him-wasn't it better to not know? and his response! It wasn't your choice to make). Beautiful.

I'm so happy to see these two clearing the air, and how they both knew but didn't know but now they know and do know. So YES YES YES.

Great chapter!
8/23/2014 c6 ramblingrobin
Yay, explanations! I'm very interested in the demon kids. I am still really liking how you write Jude's thought processes.
8/23/2014 c5 ramblingrobin
I loved how you wrote this chapter. Very nicely done. Your turns of phrase were great, like the house that looked murdery. I also like how you laid out how Jude was thinking about things. He knows he is doing something potentially foolish, he can see many things that could go wrong, he chooses to do the thing anyway. His curiosity and concern for others seem to be big driving forces for him.
8/23/2014 c4 ramblingrobin
I fricking love Jude, so immensely practical. I'm very interested in finding out what the holy hell is going on. Also, he needs more Zion kisses. Hee hee
8/23/2014 c3 ramblingrobin
omg Zion is the cutest sweetest so fricking dangerous thing I've ever seen.
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