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11/15/2008 c14 Jester08
Amazing! Update soon please and keep it up! ^_^
11/15/2008 c14 4pandasXrobots
Man, i really thought chase was gonna be the hero.

Riley is too great! Damn. that next chapter needs to come.

i have nothing better to do than to read this story.
11/15/2008 c14 I Don't Do Sadness
It did make me sad, but it was written very well. Drama makes the story!
11/15/2008 c14 23firestar267
argh! intense! and ouch...rolling pin...on the head...not that im complaining :P

hehe really good again :)
11/15/2008 c13 firestar267
yep chills do be good!

argh I cant wait for more, I want to see how far chase gets with sam and his brother

ep sam said 'and i will THINK about letting your lover go'

dum dum dum...

loved it :P
11/15/2008 c13 2Rae Simmons
Oh...Ehm...Gee...OhEhmGee.OMG,omgomgomgomgomgomgomg OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG -is starting to sound like a cartoon squirrel on caffeine- !

I'm ever so glad I amuse you. [/sarcasm] I can't wait for the next chapter. Where is the next chapter? Where is the next chapter!
11/14/2008 c13 1LunaSerena
OMYGOSH! RILEY! hes soo dead! no maybe chase will die in his place...OMYGOSH!
11/14/2008 c13 1VandySKYXBridge
OMG! Another great chapter with no editing probs. I CAN"T BELIEVE THERE WAS A CLIFFHANGER! LOL! I was like oh yeah it's getting good than bam. Lol. Now i'm jumping up and down for the next chapter! lol

11/14/2008 c13 4pandasXrobots
Ohh mann! this chapter was another great one!

Damn, Sam makes me happy with his methods, but it's really bad for me to think that way. Especially when Riley's in danger. Chase to the rescue!... hopefully. ;-;
11/14/2008 c13 I Don't Do Sadness
Darn you and your
11/14/2008 c13 Leanne

no poor riley! i hate sam but he is such a good character!

can't wait to keep reading, you're the worst for the best cliffhangers ;) xD

love you x
11/14/2008 c13 Jester08
Another interesting chapter! Keep it up and update soon please! ^_^
11/14/2008 c12 Leanne
argh i loveitloveitloveit

cant wait for the next one :D

i dont like Chris. Too pushy. One of those annoying people who think they know whats best for you but they clearly don't grr -pokes-

11/13/2008 c12 1LunaSerena
omygosh omygosh whos that guy? i love that its from both sides. they are soo cute! i love like their thoughts about each other
11/13/2008 c12 Jester08
Oh no! Poor Riley! I hope he's alright! Update soon please and keep up the spectacular work! ^_^
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