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for To Love a Loser

12/11/2012 c15 Guest
mut and happiness and rainbows : )
11/24/2012 c21 1Mcgde
...I hate you.




I'll be sharpening my pitchfork with anticipation.

11/23/2012 c8 Mcgde
Heh. I just realized after seeing that note at the end that I have read one of your other stories before.

Makes me love you all the more.

10/20/2012 c21 2Espn Laflamme
I love this story so so much! I would really love for you to update it!
10/18/2012 c21 1quayjahn
Ahhhh, no! You can't stop here! finally he realised that there is more and than there is no chapter anymore! Please finish the story!
10/14/2012 c21 LyRiCho
NOOOOOOOOO! Oooooooo this can't be over! Seriously! I love this! LOVE this! Gosh! I swear those boys are idiots! But you just have to love this! And Winnie!? Hahahahahaha perfection! Ooooooo I love this please tell me your planning to continue!?... I love this! Dx
9/14/2012 c21 Guest
ahahah. two more chaps or so you said. won’t critize you for not updating though cz it’s totally my fault that i read an unfinished, un-updated with tons of reviews story. anyway the ust was soo sexy
8/24/2012 c16 53Stephlikeswriting
This story is a beautiful mix of angst and friendship and great sex and fluffy tender moments.
7/8/2012 c21 1Nuitdemeztli
wow! those two need eachother a lot! Oliver to push himself and follow through and Felix to actually win. I cant wait to read more of this!
6/23/2012 c21 WhatHappened
Seriously? You stop writing sooooo close to the end? WHY?
6/18/2012 c1 18FreekyDisaster18
Hey!I am here to share some exciting news. This story has been added to the ADoR slash category!

Here's the review:

"There's nothing worse than feeling inferior, worthless and second best but it's even worse when it's your best friend who is, unknowingly, making you feel said emotions. This is how Oliver feels due to Felix always being better at him in everything. Fencing, swimming, running; you name it and Felix was better at it. However, just as Oliver thinks he can't stand Felix any longer, a drunken mistake changes everything...

'To Love a Loser' is a perfect story of competition, friendship and romance that has you building a rapport with both male protagonist's. One minute you're giggling along with them, the next you're wanting to bang their heads together just so that they will wise up! This is all thanks to The Milk Bottle's perfect delivery. Each element listed is captured flawlessly in her writing, characterisation and plot line that realistically progresses throughout the chapters. The Milk Bottle shows us, throughout this story, that sometimes the best stories are those that come naturally to us and we don't over think with plans, layouts and structure.

Just a word of warning, this story has yet to be completed but it's most definitely worth a read as well as being added to your alerts list! It's definitely being added to mine..."

Keep writing,

4/15/2012 c21 Limiear22
I know how Oliver felt! Being a loser and feeling stupid and all, giving your best but your best isn't enough. I cried when he confessed to Felix! It made me feel that I'm not alone. ;_;

Please update soon! I hope this has a happy ending.
4/11/2012 c21 just baja again
just saying.. i've been feeling very calcium deficient lately.
4/11/2012 c21 just baja
it's been almost two years.. i'm still waiting (i'm sure others are too),

and i hope you feel like updating sooner rather than later.

i just read through this whole story another time through.

and i think it's crazy that it only had a few chapters left since the last time you updated it.

sorry that i didn't login, i wasn't sure it'd let me. but this is justbaja.

i'll be waiting for the rest.


thanks for sharing!,

3/11/2012 c21 Vlurry19
I love this story. Thanks for writing it~
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