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4/12/2009 c7 imaginary loon
God! I love how the entire time it's like you've made us think Felix was the most popular out of the two (him and Oliver) because you've made it clear that Felix is smarter than Oliver, looks better than Oliver (even though Oliver is handsome himself), that Felix beats Oliver in competition - but it turns out, Oliver is actually the more popular out of the two of them. It's just so insanely real and brilliant that you've managed to put that into the story. I guess it's because most of the story is in Oliver's point of view, so his low self-confidence influences the way he sees himself, thus the way WE see him.

But it turns out, other people see him differently. While Oliver sees Felix as the most likeable, obviously, Felix and other people actually find Oliver to be more likeable. God, I'm probably going in circles - but my point is, I love your little addition of human psychology and stuff with that part. It completely adds depth to the characters, and to the story.

THE FENCING! Okay, consider me juvenille and amateur, but I've always looked at fencing in awe. You know, you see it in the movies and stuff and it's so cool. So to read it in a story, and actually feel excited even though I don't know what a balestra, a quartata, or a fleche is shows how good of a writer you are. I didn't know they spoke french in fencing, besides you know, 'en garde, touche' typical stuff in movies. You seem to know a lot! Do you fence?

I'm also a bit pissed off at myself that I didn't get to be your 100th reviewer - but hey, your 200th reviewer was pretty smart. S/he pointed something out that I didn't notice! The entire time when Winnie's being a major b-itch to Felix, it's like Felix doesn't mind, and it all bounces off him. But the time when Winnie wasn't even thinking of being a bitch to him, that's when it totally affects him. Oh, the wonderful irony? of it all. Did you plan that out? :D

Every story you write is amazing. Anyone who questions your talent for writing is, like Winnie said, A FOOL!
4/12/2009 c7 berryjammy
i think i love u! u updated n made me oh so happy! haha

i tot it was kinda ironical that though winnie kept talking abt messing with felix head, felix was not really affected, but hte 1 time she didnt mean to sorta hurt felix.. i feel kinda sad for him.. dun make him suffer too much k.. haha
4/12/2009 c7 12effay

i don't know who i feel the most sorry for - oliver or felix :/ probably oliver though, i feel like i can connect with him more because i can be a lot like that too. ahem, admittedly...:D as well as winnie ofc - i can definitely identify with her somewhat at times. really liked her in this chapter :]

...then again, poor felix seeing oliver and winnie like that even though it was a misconstrued view...but still! :] and then towards the end of the chapter of course.

i seriously love the descriptions of the fencing scenes - they are incredibly realistic and just...awesome! haha :]

seriously awesome chapter. i love your writing and and and update ASAP as always?

xo, effay.
4/12/2009 c7 Pundit
Again, I want to kick Oliver in the shins. I hope Felix gets himself some rival man candy. Poor Felix :( Ok, Oliver is *mildly* sympathetic, but that's as far as I'll go. Thanks for the quick update!
4/12/2009 c7 misery sister
It seems like you know your stuff with the whole fencing part. I didn't know there was so much french in fencing - it was like, wow, how original! :P
4/12/2009 c7 JaseyxRae
To the milk bottle.,

Wow, do you fence? because those scenes were very realistic and sounded pretty real. However, this IS coming from a girl who has never ever fenced or really watched fencing unless that scene in "The Parent Trap" counts lol. so I really don't know. But it sounded real and I totally never knew that they spoke so much french in fencing! I mean, yeah, "en garde" and "touche" but even all the other words are french. that's really interesting! I like that Oliver and Felix do fencing, it's original and just different.

I like that Oliver's "great around kids" that's adorable. makes me like him a little more. Okay, actually, I've been liking Oliver a lot more lately. And I liked Winnie a lot more, too. This rounded out her character significantly because now I can tell that she's frustrated with Felix and has been for years and years and that it wasn't just that one instance when they were kids that made her hate him to that day. I can identify with her, too, as far as her stubborness goes. And the competing with grades. Totally been there. (And I've totally done projects by myself because I WANTED to because I didn't trust the group. In fact I just did last month, lol. So I see where Winnie's coming from there haha :P) But I really didn't like Winnie when I didn't see this side where she's being a real friend to Oliver and when I didn't realize that she's been competing with Felix for so long. This chapter has made me much more comfortable with Oliver and Winnie overall. Although I'm happy that your characters are a more flawed and less likable, that makes it more believable. I also liked the mention that Oliver is actually more likable than Felix, when it's the opposite to me (since our POV as the reader lets us see what they're thinking, too). I always saw Felix as the charismatic one, but Oliver is! That makes sense since Felix is so perfect and so he is not as relatable, but I was still kind of surprised (in a good way).

Anyway, enough with character analyzation! I really like Felix's reaction to the make-out session. It's so... Felix. He's adorable and I feel so bad for him! He's just completely in love with Oliver . It's both adorable and painful to read (painful in a good way, if that makes sense?)

Okay the funniest line in the story, hands down: "-I wanted to do it!"

I totally almost spit out my pop that I was drinking when I read that. That was hilarious. Your just the best writer ever. Never stop writing! When/if you ever get published I'm totally buying all your books :P

Anyway, of course Oliver lost. Another reason for him to be mad at poor Felix. The betting was very guy-ish, you pulled that off well (because for some reason I'm assuming your a girl. I don't know why I'd assume that, though, considering all your main characters are guys... wow this is awkward. never mind.)

Also, I always thought of Oliver as a sore-loser but Winnie's completely right, he's not. That was really interesting to read because it totally changed my mine.

Of course Felix's saw the kiss . I didn't see it coming but i totally should have! Poor Oliver I feel so bad for him!

"but Oliver did smile at her – the kind of smile Felix yearned from him." Okay my heart completely broke for Felix right there. wow. that's so sad.

Great chapter, I liked seeing Oliver and Winnie's nicer sides. I don't think there was anything I didn't like in this chapter, at all! :D

This update was so fast! YAY! Can't wait for more, of course :)

Your calcium deficient friend,

4/12/2009 c7 licklick.choke
In this chapter Winnie appeared more human, before it seemed like she was made just to display her conniving & witty self (all for the purpose of dooming Felix) she was a little fake-ish. I guess in her appearance this time you gave a more pronounced reason why she’s so bitter towards him... plus her little embarrassed self helped to.

What is Felix gonna do, hah! He’s totally jealous… hopefully he’ll jump Oliver, but who knows xD

Antagonist… is there one? Sorry (is it their brains... maybe just Oliver’s brain)

Oh when I read you updated I did my happy dance and was caught in the midst of it, awkward… so yeah thanks
4/11/2009 c7 Ninjapocky
urg. poor Felix...

I hate misunderstandings. even if they do help advance a plot.

4/11/2009 c7 1Satan's Angelic Mistress

"the kind of smile Felix yearned from him" ...oops? But other than that, lovely as per usual. ^^
4/11/2009 c7 7dreamerdoll
Haha, its been so much fun since I fenced, this chapter was so much fun to read, I loved it!

I can't wait to read more...I really want them to get together, but the agony that they're both going through is definitely enjoyable (for the reader, at least, less so I'm sure for the characters).

Can't wait to read more!
4/11/2009 c7 4runaway sheet
Nyah, good going! I especially like this chapter coz its always hard to do a follow up to a make-out session without overloading on Angst. I'm glad that Oliver is still able to focus on competition when he needs to. If he was completely flustered, I would just shake my head, say 'Here we go again', and keep reading. Hehe

I give you chocolate bar, Caramilk to be specific coz I likes that!.

Update dear, so that I may be filled with pride.. or something.
4/11/2009 c2 Guest
i think the rating should probably go up? just to be safe...
4/11/2009 c7 12Kanilla
Do you fence yourself? The details during the match were splendid, even though I'm not familiar with the terms the sport uses. I'm bad at action scenes myself, but that was really interesting :)

And it's nice to see things from Felix's point of view every now and then. But seriously, those two boys need a match-maker to be able to get together, XD.

4/11/2009 c7 1Seize The Stars
Awesome chapter! I like how all your characters are realistic/developed, including minor ones.

-They did the same procedure as they saluted their coach, then the audience that were gathered to watch them.

Incorrect subject-verb agreement. Were - was.

-On his way there, he was again, surrounded by the freshmen members of the team.

Incorrect comma usage, after "again."

That's all.

Update as soon as you can!
4/11/2009 c7 1one little hollow
You should definitely have your ready-made letters. =D They're lots of fun.
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