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2/1/2009 c5 3Dorchise
i love Winnie, actually, and each time she says something i imagine her speaking deliberately slow, with a bit of a accented drawl, plus i think she's funny...in a cruel way but funny nonetheless :)
1/31/2009 c5 17Cattails
Oh, Winnie...stirring things up. Oh well, I'm sure she'll be very important in getting them properly together. As long as they can stop angsting. Spazzes. But poor Felix :(
1/31/2009 c5 Deadlover
Oh Milk! I thought i was going to have to start taking vitamins, to ever get my calcium fix. But instead you updated and saved me! Good job!
1/31/2009 c5 SaintNis
i love this story! poor felix... XD canĀ“t wait for the next chap!

1/31/2009 c5 3Balliett

i loved this chapter! heehee. boys are such idiots. fo sho. it takes a girl to point out the obvious and the not-so obvious to them. thank god for winnie, who is totally my favorite~! SHE'S SO WEIRD AND WISE AT THE SAME TIME, IT'S CRAZY.=D

that part with winnie and felix was sweet. you gotta love winnie: she's awe-mazing. (;

oh. ollie's brain is telling him stuff~! if only he would listen. pfft. stupid boy. his emotions are goingt o bitchslap him in the face soon and it's be like WHOAWHOAWHOAWHAT? heehee. i can't wait.
1/31/2009 c5 4runaway sheet
Oh no- I definitely cannot do this!

Ehehehe the memories got me drooling. *wipe mouth*

I want confrontation, and make-up s-

-elephant! Haha, got you. Really though, the drama. Where's the love? Winnie the poo-poo is starting to get on my nerves with her total salt in the wound tactic. *twitch* She's really okay, I mean she's NOT blind and she's being nice to her rival, cheering him on and whatnot.

Poo0o0o0or Felix! Make the silly author give you a better time in this story. Talk about putting the protagonist down... literally. Ehehehe.

You know what, hun. Maybe I'm, not the best person for picking up mistakes, but I really haven't found anyhthnig wrong in this stroy - grammatically or style-wise. Your writing style is very . . . real. I don't know how to explain it. It isn't overly flowly or choppy or whatnot. It doesn't even feel like I'm reading a story. I just feel like I'm reading. I'm sure I just spewed a bunch of nonsense at you. Funnily enough I get it different feel when I read Quintessential, which I love and you must update.. . NOW! Watch the yoyo, you are feeling sleepy, sleepy, close your eyes already!... and update?
1/30/2009 c5 Jusmine
You are a drama whore! That's why we all love you! ^_^

I absolutely loved the Winnie/Felix conversation! I love their relationship. It's so strange! Plus, Winnie did indeed get another raunchy euphemism in! lol.

I feel so sorry for Felix! Because Felix is just an awesome character, and Oliver so awful to him!... And yet, I also love Oliver. Maybe it's the whole clueless thing that he's got going on. It is shamefully cute and adorable and pathetic and...

I think I'm rambling! But that's normal by my standards seeing as there's never a time when I'm not rambling.

ANYWAY! Great chapter, and I would love a chapter of Quinntessential soon! That would be awesome! ^_^
1/30/2009 c5 tempura
oh, why is the universe so set in hurting Felix? This is like karma, bad karma biting him hard. He's got the looks, the charm and everything he wants on a professional level, but his personal life couldn't get worse. I am not very fond of Winnie as a character. Her reasons for hating Felix are hilarious but frivolous, they don't explain her uncalled for cruelty in this chapter. Yes, that is cruelty. And why is she sure she could get Oliver if she tried? I hate her, I don't even think she's that witty, just annoying. Prove me wrong, will you? I hated Felix at the beginning of the story and now I am so rooting for him. That's easy right now, Oliver is a pompous ass. I am glad he's getting those flashbacks, that part was very well done. Was this Oliver's first time with a man? I think not, for other hints you'd given us at the beginning. Oh, and if I were Felix, I'd be asking for a transfer. This situation is hell.

Anyways. Love your amazing calcium skills and I am so glad you have updated. I bet even your shopping list is worth reading *winks*.
1/30/2009 c5 1Dayelle Ann
WOO! Update!

I really enjoy this chapter. And i feel so sad for Felix.

=(. And I love Winnie. She's such a bitch.
1/30/2009 c5 Sobran
omg...please update soon! the drama is killing me! i "heart" felix...poor guy
1/30/2009 c5 misery sister
I LOVE the part when Oliver was getting like snapshots of what happened on that night. It wasn't detailed and hell, most of them weren't even sentences that writers use to descibre a scene - but the little you gave us made us picture everything hahaha

Good job!
1/30/2009 c4 misery sister
Winie tops my list of best female characters in male slash stories. With her cool name and the whole ripping her shirt off her to greet Felix idea
1/30/2009 c5 12Kanilla
If you being a drama queen is what gives us such lovely things to read, then go right ahead! Become the empress of drama! I'm loving the tension between those two boys, lol. It's such fun to watch them struggle and misread each other.

1/30/2009 c3 bagussuryaperdana
yes, i agree with that one that reviewed you before,, how could you write these three stories and haven't finished at least on of them?

i hope th waiting is worth it. i really like your boys,

and their life.

your friend,

1/24/2009 c4 eneri
I love your story so far! I can't wait to see what else happens between Oliver and Felix. Please update soon.
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