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1/24/2009 c4 4Vaguely Amused
Oh this story is lovely as well!
1/12/2009 c4 lhbui2001
oh...it's getting intense and interesting. keep writing and write quickly..:)
1/10/2009 c4 womer
woot! i think this is my favorite story of yours
1/3/2009 c4 12effay
ack, i love felix. :]

but oliver is a real jerk, sometimes i feel like i have to hit him or something! he's so frustrating! angst, angst, angst! :D

and i don't know if i like winnie or not. she's annoying and kind of shallow if she really hates felix all because of a fifth grade incident...but then again, she's kind of funny too. o.o so that's going to be interesting.

anyway, i can't wait for more. ;]

xo, effay.
12/31/2008 c4 2evangelinefyre
okay. first off. Felix Senna. Is. Teh sex. Honestly, that picture, fits him to a T. It is AMAZING and GORGEOUS and who knows what else. He looks like he should be a model, for crying out loud!

Ahem. Moving on to the chapter...

Things are getting angsty. Real angsty. I like it. Stubborn Oliver...he should just give in and REALIZE that he's so totally IN LOVE with dearest Felix. And Winnie the shit should keep her nose out of their affairs. (:

I'm still not sure whether or not I like her though. I think she's funny and witty, but I don't like what she's doing to Felix. Or what she wants to do to Felix and Oliver's relationship. Hmm.

Always looking forward to the next chapter! And happy 2009!
12/31/2008 c4 MidnightLunar
Wow I can't believe I like all three stories of you! it's illegal to not have completed at least one! Now I have to wait for each for an update damn you! but wow I like all three and I can't even pick a favorite dude you got me hooked XD Wow Oliver is an mega ass btw but thats more angst and drama for me so hahah I like it:P gogogo! hurry and update!
12/28/2008 c4 17Cattails
Oh, ouch _ Fencing is not fun when you're in pain. Urk. Poor poor Felix. He deserves the right to smack Oliver. And my love for Winnie continues to grow! She's just amazing. And very observant! Oliver should listen to her ^^
12/28/2008 c4 berryjamwisdom
hi.. just wanted to tell you that i enjoyed this chapter..

i really like felix though.. he seems more initiative and more willing to give.. haha well do update soon! keep up the gd work..
12/27/2008 c4 JaseyxRae
To the milk bottle-

Okay this is the same person that just reviewed you as "Jasey Rae" but I can't review the same chapter twice becasue FP is STUPID and I forgot to mention two things and it's goint to bug me if I don't address them XD

(1) Okay so a car pulls up in Oliver's driveway. Oliver says the car is Felix's so Winnie get's this evil tone as she says "Felix!" Then as Oliver attempts to stop her from doing whatever it is she might think of doing Winnie interupts him and says:

“No, no, Felix, stay there,” she said, pushing him back down against his stool and nearly making him fall over. “I’ll answer the door!”

I'm assuming you meant to say "No, no, OLIVER, stay there." It confused me but after a second reading that's what I decided you must have meant. Sorry to nit-pick.

(2) I just noticed your chapter titles. While simple and all the same (except the number) they are very, very clever. They fit perfectly for the content of each chapter and tie in so perfectly with the stories title! Nice job.

Okay that was all I wanted to say :D

Your calcium deficient friend,

12/27/2008 c4 JaseyxRae
Dear the milk bottle-

Aww I love reviewing your stories because (1) they're amazing and deserve reviews for being so awesome and (2) because you take the time to write back so nicely :D which i've found many authors really never do, but you do, which is sweet of you.

Anyway this chapter made me somewhat more sympathetic to Oliver. I mean I really don't like him as a person. His personality is written so well through this story that I can just imagine running into him someday at school and I'd totally think he was an ass and hate him. Like in the same way that Winnie hates Felix (who I love. Felix=amazing!) I seriously get pissed off at Oliver as I read this story. Except I'm starting to understand him more. I can see that he actually is sorry that this ever happened and doesn't want to hurt Felix because of those times when he gets along with Felix so well. But that he hates him because Felix is such a good friend/person and Oliver just... isn't. So he's all jealous and resentful because when he's around Felix it's like his flaws are being rubbed right in his face and he obviously is a very prideful person and doesn't want to admit that he even has flaws. But I'm still mad at him because I LOVE FELIX :D

I like Winnie even though she's so mean to Felix. She likes causing trouble, so she's pretty funny (like whipping off her shirt before answering the door [LMAO! That was SO hilarious! OMG!] and the whole: "'You know, if you ask me,' Winnie began, casually flipping through the channels. 'I’d say Felix likes you.'") I can see her being very helpful in helping the plot move along faster.

Felix is just too cute. He feels so guilty for all this :( Poor guy. I'm really hurting for him right now. And Oliver is just making him feel worse being all "It was a mistake".

I really like that one part when Felix is in the locker room and is thinking about how Oliver helps out the younger team members to show-off rather than being "responsible as a senior member of the team." (Which is a GREAT insight into Oliver's character. That was just so perfect and COMPLETELY incharacter for Oliver to be doing) and yet earlier Felix was thinking: "While there were times Felix decided to cut practice because he was too lazy to go, Oliver never missed a single practice, no matter what. His diligence was always something Felix admired about him." This shows that Felix isn't blinded by his obvious love/infatuation/crush/whatever-you-want-to-call-it yet shows some of the reasons why such a great person as Felix could fall for Oliver. It shows that he respects and admires Oliver but is still balanced, admitting the bad. He's obviously more of a secure person all-around than Oliver is (who is an extremely insecure person, it's kind of sad really).

Okay I'm getting a headache from attempting to do all this character insight :P And it's 2:30 am so I'd better go to bed.

This chapter was AMAZING :D update soon, please!

your calcium deficient friend,

12/27/2008 c4 imaginary loon
I love the Winnie and Oliver pairing. They're like the evil dynamic duo. Hahaha
12/27/2008 c4 darkmatter
thanks for the update and happy holidays!
12/27/2008 c4 2mia5081
Dude, I love Felix. Poor him. And Oliver for not doing anything-actually he did quite enough already-to make him feel better. And Winnie is a bitch. But for some odd reason, I like her anyways.

Update soon!

12/27/2008 c4 Jusmine
Oliver! Way to break Felix's poor little abused heart! lol.

I just love Winifred. She's awesome! All her little terms are hilarious. lol. Although I'm still trying to figure out why she went all seductive then...

Oh, and poor Felix at practice! The poor little guy. :D

Happy New Year! ^_^
12/27/2008 c4 BB
Yay! You updated.

D; I feel so bad for Felix! Oliver is such a bone-head, lol. To me it seems Felix is so nice to him /because/ he likes him.

I can't wait to see Oliver realize the truth. XD

*Waiting patiently for your next post.*

Love, BB
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