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for To Love a Loser

11/25/2008 c3 4FourDays
“I know you keep your friends close and enemies closer, but dear God, being inside your enemy doesn’t count anymore!

I laughed so hard. So hard.
11/25/2008 c3 MistressELEMENT
too lazy to long in...i am so loving this. felix is a sweetie and i feel so bad for him..i think i might cry..

i hate oliver..kinda.

you're awesome,

11/25/2008 c3 imaginary loon
Oh god, everytime Felix is in the scene, my heart crumbles for him and I get so sad. He's so confused, and... I hate how you keep my emotionally invested in these characters, it's gonna affect my day now.

And I love Winnie already. Winnie the Pooh, now, Winnie the Shit. I loved that joke!
11/25/2008 c2 imaginary loon
I sort of didn't like Felix from the first chapter - but now I feel so bad for him, I just want to reach out and hug him. And maybe I'm sadistic, but I'd love for you to write out a crying scene in this story... heh.
11/25/2008 c2 essie
woah, i hardly even realized that there weren't any explicit scenes because the way you moulded it together was so intensely hot & steamy ... i guess my imagination filled in the rest xD...

you have very strong characters with lovely flaws to build on! i adore flaws and the metamorphosis tht you can put them through gives me the tingles ...

more! more! .
11/24/2008 c2 1XxAmericanxBeautyxX
I'm already intrigued. I wonder how awkward it's going to be for them. Looking forward to the next update.
11/22/2008 c2 4Amindaya
I really like it. I hope there will be more chapters...?
11/16/2008 c2 Neven35
Ah best story ever. I love their dynamic and the characterization in general. You rock! :)
11/14/2008 c2 5kazoua
Brilliant! I give you claps and snaps and every kudos of every sort.
11/13/2008 c2 my own prince
Felix is so conflicted now, huh. Like your reviewer before me said, he's got everything he wants cuz he's always number one, perfect, great looking (nice pic!), but the only thing he actually wants (Oliver) hates him at times.

It makes my heart wrench - and I can only imagine how it'll be in the later chapters with a lot more drama that i can't help but love to read!
11/13/2008 c2 irinutza
i like the story a lot!

i like how Oliver hates but still loves Felix and how Felix is so nr1 but still doesn't have the thing he wants so much.

Keep going, you're great!
11/11/2008 c2 misery sister

They did it? And then Felix is like all calm with it? And he actually says something like "maybe it was consensual"... at that part, I was like, what's he saying? Then later on I felt so bad becuase Felix is so in love with Oliver. But Oliver can't stand him at times - and like, Felix doesn't know why.

This chapter was so bittersweet - now I feel bad for Felix. I didn't really feel much for him in the last chapter because you didn't open much about him, but now... I'm so mixed between the both of them.
11/10/2008 c2 Fantasy101
Aw...poor Felix. Maybe Oliver will remember...he better coz he being a bit of Git at the moment...lol. Can't wait for more^^
11/10/2008 c2 violet hill
Oh God, I feel so bad for Felix now! He loves Oliver, but sometimes Oliver just can't stand him - how will that work out?
11/10/2008 c2 Countess
More please!
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