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11/10/2008 c2 3Abstruse Blue
Yeah that can still be rated T. But oh my goodness brilliant chapter! Oliver is an idiot and poor Felix unrequited love is not fun. But this only chapter two of the story so who knows, hehe, can't wait for more!
11/9/2008 c2 17Cattails
Well, that's definitely an awkward conversation. "Oh, hi, did you rape me?" Oh my. Poor poor Felix...it really sucks to be him. Ah, but they're still cute XD
11/9/2008 c1 Cattails
Fencing, yay! XD Sorry I just spent the entire day at a fencing tournament :P What a perfect story to end the day with... Ha! I love this XD Especially that last part O_O Goodness me!
11/9/2008 c2 Jusmine
Okay, first of all, I love Felix! I'm so sad for him!

And, second of all, you are so going to have to be on my author alerts now, so that I don't miss new stories!

I love this so far! Please update soon! ^_^
11/9/2008 c2 2pfeiffer
omg... can you send felix over to me... i think he needs a hug... i feel sorry for the guy...
11/9/2008 c2 sapere
Yay! New chapter! Poor Olivier, always losing at everything :(

And poor Felix :(

I like how your fics have mostly OTP/faithful guys, rather than a bunch of different partners :)
11/9/2008 c2 12Ryette
argh I loved it! Really, I lurved Felix in this chapter...The flashback to when he told Oliver that he's bi/gay helps :) Can't wait to see more! And yeah, I think it can still be T-rated.


Wow, I'm really enthusiastic.
11/9/2008 c2 kkj
11/9/2008 c2 magalina
I like that we got to know what happened from Felix┬┤s pov and I LOVE that Oliver started it~
11/9/2008 c2 2mia5081
Poor Felix. I mean, I kinda figured that he liked Oliver after reading the last chapter but it's just more obvious now. And Oliver could care less I think at the moment. He's more wrapped up about the fact that he made out/did the hanky panky (yeah, I've got tons of ways to say sex without actually saying it lol, though the no no cha cha is my absolute favorite) with Felix.

Loved it and update soon!

11/9/2008 c2 tempura
All right, now I am on Felix side. You wicked, wicked milk-bottle, you don't do this to me, I am not that fickle! I still think Felix shouldn't have done anything with a drunken Oliver, but I understand why. He's in love with Oliver, he jumps him (I didn't expect this, good idea) and how could he resist? It was unwise, but he is already paying for it in full. Instead of cuddles and a love confession he's being kicked out of Oliver's bed and accused of raping. Not even a one night stand deserves that. Yeah, Oliver should remember it all and feel as guilty as he can be. I am not sure if those two belong together. This could be a coming of age story, something bittersweet. Wait, what am I saying? I am a sucker for happy endings! I still wonder why Felix can't see Oliver's jealousy. Love makes us delusional, sometimes. Has he built up a mental image of his friend which doesn't quite match up the real Oliver? I mean, it's so obvious... This chapter was amazing, milk-bottle. Thank you, thank you. I totally love you in a totally platonic way :-).
11/8/2008 c2 freak1012000
An update! W00T!

This is probably my favorite story done by you...I think it's because there's such a conflict between them. I hope you update again soon!
11/8/2008 c2 2evangelinefyre
My goodness. Poor, poor Felix. In love with Oliver, when Oliver hates him (sometimes).

I'm very interested in what will happen next. Especially in how Felix will feel, having to keep his sobriety (and memory) a secret from Oliver.

Keep up the amazing work!
11/8/2008 c2 Sobran
aw, poor felix! But he must suffer for the sake of a good story. I trust there would be a happy ending somewhere in the future. Hang in there felix =)

Excellent chapter. Love the plot
11/8/2008 c2 Amarena
Aw, shucks, so I was wrong. Well, I gues that's a good thing 8D

Once again, let the truth be known: you're a genius. There's not a single story of yours I haven't read and loved - I haven't gotten the time to review 'Work Safe', though... soon, my friend, son.

As for this chapter, well, what can I say? Love it. LOVE IT.
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