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for Scorpion and Sandman

4/1/2014 c13 4R. Ficst
Wow, I loved it. You have created quite the fantastic story. Love the characters and decisions you have made. I would absolutely love to read a sequel where we see the two of them make a new life together, whether in a red skin, white skin, or mixed skin community, or perpetually nomadic. Multiple different plot possibilities, but I'd just love to read more about them.

As is, this story seems pretty darn perfect. The pacing, point of view choices, the way they communicate and the way she turns into a fighter and develops her mind - it works so well.

Thank you so much for posting, I very much enjoyed the read.
10/13/2013 c8 23chimerica
Oh goodness. Poor Red. Perhaps because of her amnesia and inability to understand his language, her character seems so young to me while Red comes off as a full grown man. I honestly don't mind if there is, but is there a large age gap? Again, poor Red! I laughed when she pulled his smile down but that's actually pretty sad.
11/24/2011 c13 Shopoholic8
Amazing story! Amazing writing! Loved it.
9/27/2011 c13 6Van Quatra
this was pretty good, excellant job.
3/3/2010 c13 Merisa
1/9/2010 c2 EN Vincent
I must say I'm really excited for this!

I just started this about five minutes ago and I haven't read your "Ocean on Fire" yet (but I will when I've finished this). I'm not even a twelfth done the second chapter but I felt the need to write a review.

From what little I've read of this, I can tell this is my kind of story. The statement is a little frightening, considering all I've read is the main female drowning, getting beaten up and hating life and the male character missing part, if not all of his little finger! I have recently gotten into stories of pain and tragedy. "Scorpion and Sandman" seems right up my alley! (Pardon the redundancy).

I look forward to reading your NaNo. Congratulations on your outstanding work!


PS: Compliments may not be too impressive coming from me but I really mean them. :)
6/7/2009 c13 7Randomisation
Really good story. The style is unique, and it was gripping :D nice ending too.
6/3/2009 c13 eskimoxisses
I would read this over and over and over again.

Geez, it's that addicting.


Thanks for bringing it to fictionpress.
5/3/2009 c13 Sel

I love this story!

How can it be over.

I'm so glad that they are finally together and that they are going to have a baby.

Your wording and transitions were very good. Umm... yea the writing itself was good.

I wish that they were able to communicate with words but no words are needed in their relationship...

She has an almost childlike innocence... she's intelligent yet she seems so... well clueless I suppose.

I would love to see them evolve as characters and as a couple...

This is a really good story :)
4/28/2009 c1 Sel
This story sounds very interesting.

It caught my attention right away and made me want to continue reading to figure out who this woman was.

The image of skinning human beings and using their skin for a book cover is very disturbing but then again it adds a eery mood to the story.
4/27/2009 c13 8CrazyCowgirl101
NO! IT CAN'T STOP HERE! This was really good. I was kinda skeptical at first - the summary wasn't very appealing, but i decided to give it a try, and i am really glad i did. There were literlly NO mistakes in grammer that i cought and usually i am a shark for grammer mistakes. This was really good. Although i wish that it hadn't ended so abruptly. Very well written!
4/26/2009 c2 CrazyCowgirl101
This is turning out really weel. I love your style. Its very wordy- great vocab, an di love that in an author. I can't wait to read the next chapter, but sadly, i have to sleep. I guess thats kinda important every now and then. Good job. :)

3/18/2009 c13 53BookTitles
Aw, that is the best ending!

It was sort of confusing at first when it switched Point of Views, but it was fine near the end :)


3/11/2009 c1 29chepchumba

this is a lovely story, l have read it till the end and i am impressed, very impressed. you created characters not just puppets as most action stories tend to have, i love your style of writing and i will try to read your other works. once again, kudos for the good work.
12/27/2008 c13 eskimoxisses
Great story. Thanks for writing it and bringin' it to fictionpress. Do you know fighting styles or moves, because your knowledge seemed to be exemplified here. I thought the climax in the story would be Red pairing with Quina but you dragged out the story, having them separated, which in turn was wonderful for the plot as well. I really liked how underneath it all, this was another interracial fic (I don't often get to read many of those) and how it seemed you proved that love can be expressed past words, ect. And, the story was not mushy, not like a cliche chick flick with the guy bringing the girl to the movies. Twas awesomely-fantasmal I'd have to say. Thanks for sating my fictionpress hunger. :)
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