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10/21/2009 c2 3MINIBYTE
Ha! Sorry I never came back to see if this was ever updated. That review history thing comes in pretty handy. I just realized something, this story hasn't been updated in just a month short of a year, update date looks like some of mine on Fanfiction and the one here.

I'd call it pretty funny that Jace continues showing up on Eric's birthday, if it were me, I'd be mad. I really do hope that you find the inspiration to write some more on this, or, if you would like to, bounce some ideas off me and I might be able to help (trust me, I'm kinda bored, I just finished some thirty chapter project I've been working on for a while and now I don't know what to do with my little free time, I'm more than happy to help!) I could also help you with some ideas if you need any (seeing as it says Hiatus in your profile).

Anyhow, feel free to contact to bounce ideas or anything. I still like the story and would like to read more.

Best regards!

9/20/2009 c2 2Casey Drake
This is -interesting.- I like it. I'm sorry it's taken so long to get to it.

11/8/2008 c1 5Maplewing
Oh my GOD. That was amazing! Seriously! I love this story! And I'm obsessed with this kind of sci-fi genetic stuff, lol. Poor Jace... and by the way, it's fine by me if it involves 9/11. Here's my motto: Controversy is fun. Awesome job and update soon. ;D

PS- How many times have you done NaNoWriMo?
11/7/2008 c1 3MINIBYTE
Love! This is so awesome! Howcome we don't see these wonderful clone stories in the real world. OK I'm so off topic right now.

Eric was such a cute little kid, and how he gave Jace a hug, aww! I feel bad for Jace though getting called a soulless computer, and the fact that he got shot. I'm curious about his master, Akira, is that a she or a he? Sounds like a she to me.

Anyway, awesome story, keep it up, I'm waiting!
11/6/2008 c1 38Thoth Tarot
i really liked it, however it is well done subject so it will be interesting to see if it can remain original. also i found that some of the questions and responses of child like eric didn't quite fit with his age.

but good in all

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