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for God Saves

10/24/2009 c1 fleur de l'est
I like how this poem starts off as a poem about nature but slowly moves towards religion; it eases into the reader's mind :) It's very different from most religious poems.

A minor point: "it's bells" should be "its bells"

1/29/2009 c1 Needa S
Beautifully done. Write on and God Bless.
1/21/2009 c1 25VictorInChrist
very nice, good imagery, if that was your intention...the lines

"a fingerprint,

in the universe.

kind and pure,

not wicked and perverse." made me think of Jesus, a man (w/fingerprints) but without sin.:)

...and if you are still contemplating posting your bible studies, I for one will take the time to check them out. :) May the Lord work through you..
11/13/2008 c1 Hope for Eternity
a really nice poem...

by the wayi would definitely read your bible study lessons if you posted them...great idea! love it!

thanks for posting

& god bless :-)

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