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for It Was You

12/12/2013 c20 1Belly boo1099
aww omg total overload of cutness right here ahaha amazing story, Loved it!
11/26/2009 c20 2DianaSweetie
I love this story so much I can’t even explain it. It was great, it brought up so many different emotions! It. was. Awesome! I completely fell in love with it. Good job! : ]

Going on favs.
6/9/2009 c20 rawrster
I LOVE THIS STORY :D, its so cute and adorable. you really got some talent!
4/12/2009 c20 ADG
dam im cheesing ohdee ova here so greeat!
4/12/2009 c20 iCookiesx3
Aw so cute.
3/21/2009 c4 29fictionalxbliss
Aw, this is cute!
3/21/2009 c2 fictionalxbliss
Hehe. That was so cute. It needs some editing, but it looks like its going to be good.
3/21/2009 c1 fictionalxbliss
Aw, that was kind of sad. :(
2/16/2009 c20 14Sapphyre Nymph

1/4/2009 c20 25S. Valle
great story!
12/22/2008 c19 3dontneedyou
Omg I LOVEE this story!

Its awsome
12/22/2008 c20 2Popcornluver
This is one of my favorite stories it was so cute!i love ur writing!keep up the great work!:)
12/2/2008 c20 5RoseBriar32192
OMG this ended up being THE BEST BOOK I HAVE REAF ON HERE! I loved it! It was awesome! I wish you would right a 2nd book based on this one. I hope you do. Any way loved the book.


(P.S: I only sign with RoseBriar with tottaly completly awsome books!)
11/29/2008 c20 Hazelnut Romance
aw. so sweet. isn't obliviousness so cute? why was the guy called demetri? justin and bri are 2gether right?
11/14/2008 c20 Hopeless Cliche
That was a really sweet story.

But I was glad that there was at least

a touch of added drama.

Good work. : ]
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