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for Let me be your hero

11/9/2008 c1 3MzEatsaLot
AW IT's really cute, really! I'm not being sarcastic! I really like

Because every fairytale has a hero that will lead you

To your prince in shining armor,

To your damsel in distress,

To your happily ever after.

Your poem flows pretty well, but I think you should brush up on this sentence,

"When you encounter something that you wish will disappear"

I don't really get that one, but yah, nice job!

THis is constructive cricism btw DD, you are entitled to either ignore or take the advice. Good Job, it was a good read.
11/9/2008 c1 10AznNLonely
Yea first review xD hehe. this is cute. and thx, ill alwayz be there for u too

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