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for the Voice

11/29/2008 c1 9ThePixess
I actually really like this; I think keeping it grammatically incorrect in some places (non-capital I is what caught my attention) makes it seem like the narrator is grasping desperately at childhood- you know, cuz kids can't spell? Or maybe I'm just projecting? Anyway, that's how I interpretted it. The emotion is definitely clear; I liked this very much.
11/10/2008 c1 128vitriolicvermilion
Possibly one of your best works yet.

At first it's like harsh reality, then it trips on over to fantasy, and then onto that grey area when you're not sure if you're crazy or not. Delicious.

Both in a literary and personal sense, probably my favorite of yours ever.

Good job on this, chin up on that. (:

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