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7/16/2015 c1 5IzzieA
Ok. I just "favorited" this poem! Well done!

What I like most about it is how true it is, "with roughness of reality". I believe the reason this poem seems so powerful is due to the personification of feelings. Another thing I like about it is the effective way you use other literary devices, such as alliteration, in order to convey the fact that we cannot escape our feelings, for they "hold the heart a hostage".

In my opinion, the poem portrays feelings as something evil, as they seem to take control over us, and in a truly psichopatic-like manner, they believe they are nothing but a gift to us. I find this absolutely sinister! And I absolutely love it!
2/17/2011 c1 12lianoid
Ah, love this opening line! Such a beautiful way to begin. It's almost like tempting the reader to read more, seducing them into the narrative. Love it.

"roughness of reality/smoothness of the truth"

-Loving the contrast there, oh my! I thought that was really creative and worked into the opening incredibly well.

"We hold the heart a hostage"

-Wow. First off, digging the alliteration there, for sure, and secondly, you really know how to kickoff stanzas, man. This piece is amazing.

I love the contrasts and alliteration and flow of this piece. This entire thing is really, really solid, and a great read. Excellent work!
12/23/2008 c1 arcane devices
I read this and then noticed the number of reviews you have. To my astonishment, you only have a couple of reviews when this definitely deserves more attention! It's not often that I see a well-structured poem based off of personification and even less so when that same piece exudes a drip of philosophy. It's only fitting to say that this poem had some exquisite imagery, as well as a well-rounded choice of diction befitting the poem. The poem was very smooth, and well-rounded overall... but I found a few barbs within this piece that is simply too aching to disregard. I felt that this poem lacked a sense of style because it was too engrossed in the wordplay. (and possibly the formatting) In addition to that, the poem felt very impersonal to me as an audience member and didn't really evoke any emotions out of me. But with that said, this was most definitely an enjoyable read (if not for the entirety of the poem... then at least the imagery) and I leave a satisfied reader.
11/11/2008 c1 38Thoth Tarot
It’s our pride to showcase nudity beyond barenakedness.

that is my fav line. in general a poem with punch however the impact was hindered by it being difficult to read since the stanzas are not seperated out. there was some really good imaginery and lines in that poem. but if the poem was more concise and structured it would have more impact.

good poem and honest truth.
11/10/2008 c1 216angels know the rest
I was going to review "Believe Again," but the summary was too cool to pass up. You have some great lines in here, my favorite being "it's painstaking to whip one's self with a thorny rose and survive with wounds deep within the soul." The only thing I would say is that it seems though it would have been better organized in stanzas, although this may just be a case of fictionpress playing games with your format. Great job; I'm favoriting!

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