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for Field of Clouds

4/13/2009 c5 6DevilMayCare101
When boys are hungrey they;re like rabid wolves! lol! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
4/4/2009 c4 DevilMayCare101
Really intersting story! I love Billy! He acts a lot like the little brother I never had! lol! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

p.s. What is Josh's problem?
3/21/2009 c2 geraldluver
oh! please update soon!
3/21/2009 c3 Cassie
Everybosy needs to read this!

I need to tell you how much I enjoy reading your stuff. You have a great ability to create tension, and describe whats going on. Sometimes theres alot of detail/description, and sometimes theres very little. I think it gives great balance.

And I agree with an earlier review. Jenny is not Mary-Sue like at all. She's a great character.

I'll be right here, waiting for your next update. ^^
3/21/2009 c3 jeezlaweez
Such a great story so far. I love this girl, she's a great character. Really real. Can't wait for the next chapter!
3/21/2009 c3 CountryGirl
OMG I love chicken and dumplings! My mom makes the best!

I love this story so far. I don't see what Josh's problem is... but he sounds horrible. Please update soon!
12/31/2008 c3 1selgodemlojbrujmusiclyf
i think im gonna love this! next one please!
12/27/2008 c2 NC GAL
Hey, I live in NC! It doesn't have rusty trucks and dry fields! There are huge buildings and mansion-sized houses! The city I live in has the huge Bank of America building. I think her mom is really biased. Yeah, compared to NY, it might seem inferior, but I moved to NC from Los Angeles, Calif, and I love it! Sorry if this is pushy or offending, but just pointing out facts and opinions.

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