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12/13/2008 c6 12hellosunshinee
I think if it wasnt about Callum then its probably about Jordan, anyway update soon!
12/13/2008 c6 1Jevanminx
Damn it I wanna know what happened as well, the suspense is killing me, and that little scene with Jordan too.

12/13/2008 c6 gallowsCalibrator
Lol really awesome chapter! Ugh I just realized that I didn't review the last chapter so I'm sorry... Can't wait for you to update!

12/12/2008 c6 3Kyrina
hey, nice chapter, for a moment there i thought you were having them go see twilight at the theatre... *sigh* i like twilight lots. yeah, good chappy anyways
12/12/2008 c6 Blue Enigma
Haha, Andy reminds me a bit of me
12/4/2008 c5 2righthere431
aw this was a really sweet chapter =] I'm glad that Andy is getting more comfortable with Heather, Skye, and Sarah! Now I'm just curious about what really happened with Callum and Jake? can't wait for the next chapter!
12/4/2008 c5 12hellosunshinee
i like how you are not rushing the story thats a problem i have (im working on it though!) i cant wait to read more, update soon!:)
12/4/2008 c5 1Jevanminx
I do love all three girls, they are just too cool. And oh bit more stuff on Callum there, be interesting to find out what did happen between him and Jake.

12/4/2008 c5 3Kyrina
mwah! awesome chappy!
12/4/2008 c5 Blue Enigma
Can't wait for you to update
12/2/2008 c4 gallowsCalibrator
Really good story so far. Can't wait for you to update!

12/1/2008 c4 Hollow Turtle
Just wanted to leave a note that I'm enjoying the story. I'm glad you're taking the time to write it out in detail, as opposed to skimping on plot. ^_^
12/1/2008 c4 12hellosunshinee
I really like your writing style :) I'm sometimes a shy person but thankfully not as shy as Andy. Even though I'm not so severly shy I can really realate to her. I think that shows how good of a writer you are especially if youre not a shy person. Keep it up, update soon!:)
12/1/2008 c4 3Kyrina
haha nice chappy...again =D
12/1/2008 c4 2righthere431
wo! you rock andy! lol
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