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10/1/2009 c29 Sunneva
She have to get him, if not i am going to die! no kidding. I have always wanted to be a writer. I have done one

short-story, it were 5 pages or something, in icelandic ofc. But i don´t now how to start or how to even make the story exited just like yours, and how to make one chapter so long.. I still keep saying "i love this story!" i almost cried when she was thinking about her parents losing her. i can imagen how it is to now that you would hurt someone so much, live someone dying... i you know what i mean?

I am glad your glad ;)


E.s. LOVE THIS STORY next chapter has to come soon! I can´t stand to be wating for so long xD but if next chapter turns to be good, I´ll forgive you haha lol!

and thank you to for be such a good writer!
9/30/2009 c29 ishaniacuinatum.ashley

great chapter!but really heartbraeking you know...i too found tears rolling down my cheeks in the last lines ...after reading callum's letter i too could feel the pain...God! the pain Andy must be going through!...

...my name is ishani anyway.so,no worries about the name.

and you did update fast enough!lol...hoping for more suck updates.



9/29/2009 c29 1notthiscreative
Ok no! Haha this may be weird that I'm like practically screaming because I haven't reviewed his stroy before. But I don't really like to do that when i'm in the middle of a story I'm

catching up on. Just hold out.

Ah! For the last few chapters I have wanted to comment and scream that! And Omg! Omg! Wtff!

Ha. So yeahh that's out. I get into the characters in stories a lot. Right now I feel so bad she's so hurtt! I hate when that happens!

Omg! So he just left? He's not going to see her? Ah!

And what happened to jake? hasn't woken yet?

Ok that's all I can sat right now.
9/29/2009 c1 nika
i find it funny that i am completely opossite to andy in some ways.

i moved from america to australia. and i dont have trouble finding friends and meeting new poeople.

but what a contrast. i dont know how i would cope if i was like andy.

but this is good. few grammar mistakes, but well written
9/27/2009 c4 1Charlee Rayne
O.O! she DID come to america! but not in public school... although she would find cuter, rougher guys in public school. :)
9/27/2009 c1 Charlee Rayne
she would hate america! its thousands times worse than that! hehe.
9/27/2009 c29 poohketchix
After reading this chap, i had tears pricking my eyes. God, I love you! :)) This was simply amazing, not the goodbye part, but the twist of it all. Oh, how I wish I know what's going on in that head of yours.

Cant wait for more. Update please! :D
9/27/2009 c29 34Lyra Pocaterra
This is one of the most emotional chapters of the story, I really enjoyed it... though I was very sad to hear Callum saying goodbye to Andy like that! Please make them get together in the end, please give it a happy ending!

Cant wait to read the next chapter,

Lyra Pocaterra
9/26/2009 c28 Scorpiongurl324
Wow, wasn't expecting that. Very good chapter by the way. I'm really not liking Callum too much right now. He saved her life how could he think htat she would want to say goodbye to him. Please tell me that everything works out between them? Update Soon, I'm still here reading and reviewing.

9/25/2009 c29 xsweetxtartx
ohmygosh, that's so sad! my eyes are actually moist, lol..update soon!
9/25/2009 c29 4LaMeO1
that last bit broke my heart.

he feels so guilty and horrible that he's just letting her go

that's harsh and hard

nice chapter

it was awesome

update soon

9/25/2009 c29 1VampireAcademyDB
:( omfg! Update Soon! btw sequel? yes or no?
9/2/2009 c28 Sunneva
speachless! ... i have no i diea what to say.. but in a good way though! ... ... ... WOW! This is the best chapter or one of the top of the tops! tops tops tops! WOOAAWW!

They have to bealive i hope they will and Jake dies no affence JAke xD Hes sush an asshole! but he is a great charecter :) I can´t stand but, this is just.. i love this story! i´m not good in english so you have to excuse.. i´m not good at find words to put here or how to use them. Just trie to get them readable...readble.. wwow so...


Sunneva ;D;D;D;D;D;D;D ^^,
8/31/2009 c27 Sunneva
WOW! ;O This was... i would feel exacly the same in her postition! OMG! love it! i can´t stop saying that! love it! love it! loveIT! i am so exited to read newt chapter but the time´s late and i have to go sleep soon. i will totally read next chapter tomorrow!

-Sunneva ;D ;) :) :D
8/30/2009 c27 Sunneva
I am so exited to read this chapter but i can´t tonight because i´m taking a bath and go to sleep. School tomorrow :)

I´m so happy that you wrote this behind me name ;D

and thank you, school is very great but i am always very nervous in the morning before school starts. I though not as nervous to talk to people like i was, it´s getting better. And it´s this boys, i have never dated before, but i am not sure if he likes my, thats emberressing because i like him alot. I don´t now how to act around him when his boyfriend are there, but when he is alone with me and my girlfriens he is so cool and sexy. He is outgoing and funny. i´m so sorry i started to talk about this. I love your writing and how you make this story so great and funny. I always get stuck in the computer when i read this story xD It´s not good it i start read now because of that.

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