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for If This Were a Fairytale

12/24/2008 c9 7So.Who.Will.Call.Me.Beautiful
Sorry for now replying earlier, i was so glued to the story! I HATE Finley's mother! I want to punch her. But OMG i LOVE Camden! HE'S SO SWEET AND HAWTT!AND SWEET
12/24/2008 c10 2righthere431
I hope Finley and Allison become friends!

p.s. happy holidays!
12/24/2008 c3 7So.Who.Will.Call.Me.Beautiful
OMG i was crying when the preps were being mean to her( when it comes stories i get emotional)
12/24/2008 c10 written
he is so sweet! I love how kind he is to her. i think its funny that their school is named helen keller, and yet they're all so... you know? haha.

I hope ellie has some sort of change of heart...
12/24/2008 c10 7gulistala
Haha I like all your stories anyway! But this is different and...special should I say? It's the 'current trend' for me, this fic of yours, if you know what I'm saying.

Haha Toby and Max, rock on! I really do wonder what's going to happen with Finely's family, though. Yeah, you're right, I can understand why people wouldn't let onto the abuse that goes on in their families. Still she did admit that she wanted to get her mother help but doubted if there was any type of help for her nastiness.

Well, I'm excited for the chapters to come! =D
12/24/2008 c10 J. C. Hunter
hahaha. i like this story. even with its lack of depth. cause the story's a little too fast and plotless but hey i like it. haha. it's just funny. this story has no plot and moves too fast and breaking brian deacon has too much plot and moves too slowly. (not really but i can't wait for them to get back together.) hahah. anyway get on with it woman! finish updating the story! distract me from the last chapter of bbd!
12/24/2008 c10 7Silencia
OMGOSH! I LOVE YOU! But I guess you already know... XD I can't wait for more! Make sure there is alot of fluff in the next chapter!

Grtz Silencia!
12/24/2008 c10 4scattered-strings
Yeah. Isn't it called the Battered-wife syndrome or something?

I realised that they are moving rather fast. I didn't expect Camden to ask her out so quickly, but I find it ironic how everyone is so unsympathetic to her when the namesake of the school is after a woman who was blind and death.

Toby seems like a generally good person who is entertaining and seems to hide behind his inappropriate jokes because he is insecure and Ellie is just well... not an enjoyable person to read.

I realised that this story is all about insecurity but I hope Finley will make more friends. It's good that Camden is willing to defend her so passionately; not many people can do that.

I can't wait to read your secret project. I bet it'll be good.
12/23/2008 c10 4predict.this
I don't really understand why Camden and Finley would still sit with Ellie and Bess and the other nasty people when they treat her like that earlier.

And I'm loving Max more and more! XD
12/23/2008 c10 1MidorixGrl
hehe. i really like this story ^^

Finley & Cam are cute (:

keep writing~
12/23/2008 c10 1noir gahmee
Oh, the things I'd do to have a guy like Cam stand up for me in front of the entire school. Haha. Looks like a storm's cooking. You really do know how to inject the right amount of drama into each and every one of your chapters for ITWaF.
12/23/2008 c10 Much.Ado.About.Books
Cutest couple award! I swear I've been squealing through every chapter of the book! Add more soon :)

12/23/2008 c10 2TouchOfChaos
i had a lot to say about the previous chapter...and this one. but somehow the window closed before i could send it...it was a really long review too. i had a lot of questions...but now im too lazy to type them out...so i will leave it at that.

update soon

12/23/2008 c9 2righthere431
aww it's so sweet that Camden would call his dad for Finley... and he kissed her too! woohoo!
12/23/2008 c10 7x.betweenthelines
This story keeps getting better and better.

I love it.

I really do.

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