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for If This Were a Fairytale

2/15/2009 c5 1Maybreakmyheart
I love the characters! Finley is really unique, and its the bit about how her sister picks out her clothes is so sweet and works really well w/ the story! ;)
2/14/2009 c19 atreyu love
i absolutely love this story (:

Camden and Finley are adorable together!

and i love the concept of the story!

I might just have to go back and read it again :D

& it would be great if you expanded it to

possibly have a sequel :D
2/14/2009 c9 atreyu love

and camden sounds adorably cute!
2/14/2009 c19 16inkybetterdays
Yay! I loved it! I'm sort of surprised, though, that this isn't one of your favorite stories, because I really enjoyed it. Camden is great. I haven't read NYAC or the Blood series yet, but Sawyer is awesome. He's definitely my very favorite male character out of all your stories and oneshots that I've read. ;D I'm probably going to start NYAC next. Hopefully tomorrow! :)
2/14/2009 c18 inkybetterdays
That was a wonderful ending. I really like Jonathan Carter and I'm so happy he and Finley were reunited. And she and Camden are back together too! A perfect ending! :D
2/14/2009 c16 inkybetterdays
No! That was terrible! I was hoping that just maybe Ellie would see the light and soften up a little but that girl doesn't have a single nice bone in her body! She's repulsive. I don't know who I feel worse for, Camden or Finley. Niether of them deserve this!
2/14/2009 c15 inkybetterdays
Aww, this chapter was absolutely adorable! I love this story, it's great. You're an amazing writer and I love how you incorporate little fairytale snippets at all the right moments. Also, the chapter names are hilarious! Unfortunately, I'm waiting anxiously for something to go wrong. Rita is bound to catch them or something like that. I feel terrible for Finley! :(
2/11/2009 c5 inkybetterdays
I love this story, it's great! Although I'm beginning to realize all your stories are great. :D Aww, poor Finley, feeling she had to turn Camden down. Ellie's so mean!

One thing I noticed about your stories that I really like is how each character is so different. They all have their own distinct personalities. Too often, characters get lost in plot. You do a great job distinguishing between plot and characters, though. Great job! :D
2/10/2009 c19 rachelaine
Yes, you're right, there are a lot of things missing throughout the story but overall I think it was a nice short novel. :)
2/3/2009 c19 1Da.ChiicK.Fr0m.H3LL
Awesome fic =]
1/28/2009 c19 Minniewhinnie
this was beyond amazing! There aren't even words to describe it, it would totally be a cool movie I would wait in line for a ticket any day!:D

If someday when it does turn into a Hit New movie, I wanna be part! Hahahha u rock
1/28/2009 c17 Minniewhinnie
even though it was sad, that was an amazing "problem" very clever:)
1/28/2009 c12 2JD Allen
Well! If her father loves her and knows her mother's bad why doesn't he come for her? Why did he leave her in the first place? Argh.

Stupid Dads. :)
1/27/2009 c8 Minniewhinnie
I might have missed it in story but what happened I finley's dad? Did he pass away? I just know they got. A divorce
1/27/2009 c5 Minniewhinnie
just curious, if finley is a sophmore and his friends are juniors y is finley and ellie in the same classes?

Oh and when u say she's completly blind, she can't change?:'( aww I was thnking "prince charming" would save her lol
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