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for If This Were a Fairytale

11/14/2008 c2 Hypothetically
i'm really looking forward to reading the rest of this. it seems to be very promising and i like the style you've written this chapter in.

11/14/2008 c2 4scattered-strings
Oh. I like the sound of this story and that's one of my favourite poems. So the mother is the birth mother of the little girl?
11/14/2008 c2 7gulistala
I call this a cliffie even if it is the point of a prologue. It's still a cliffie and just as merciless as a cliffie.

*cries* I really want to read this!
11/13/2008 c2 2toujoursmoi

Great start so far. Maybe if you tried the Old English sort of laungauge with this chapter as it started in past tense and its the 'Once upon A time' Though it is modern so maybe it might be a bit over the top.

Anyway Keep up the Great work An update soon

11/13/2008 c2 7Silencia
I jut wanna read more and more and more and more (and so on and on XD)

Grtz Silencia
11/13/2008 c2 PrincessPeach131
I'm so excited for the story it seems so different and interesting and yay! Hope more comes out soon!
11/13/2008 c2 5DesireToSmile
I want to read more!

Very eye-grabbing. It reeled me in!

I liked the "once upon a time..." style for this chapter.

I don't know if I'd like the whole story in this "tense" (if you are planning on doing the whole thing in that sense in the first place!)

Can't wait to read next chapter :)

D.T.S :)
11/13/2008 c2 5HelloLovely
Ooh! I was literally just talking to my friend about how much i love fairy tales. I love when people do modern day fairy tales like this one. I can't wait to read more!


11/13/2008 c2 4cathuman
Sounds very interesting. I'm excited to read more!
11/13/2008 c1 7The Latest Plague
i like "mirror" by Silvia Plath.
11/13/2008 c2 21Faith Adeline
Great start. I love where it's going, it seems promising. I love reading spins on my favorite fairytales :) Keep it up and update soon!

11/13/2008 c2 SocialInhalation
whoa, you got me interested!

update soon, i want the story to begin! ^_^
11/13/2008 c2 superficialSagacity
Ooh, a twist on a classic...

That's sort of weird that her birth mother would hate her..

but I guess there are exceptions in everything...
11/13/2008 c2 adnama3121
Ahh, that's sad, people can be so cruel

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