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for If This Were a Fairytale

12/30/2008 c19 7Serafina Claremond
i loved it. it was very cute. :)
12/29/2008 c19 3I Quoth Nevermore
Oh em gee. Epic success! I just love this, and your new story sounds uber interesting. And the ending, gosh, just amazing all around. I can't believe you just pumped it out this fast too! Granted, it probably took longer to write than edit and post, but still. Just . . . wow.
12/29/2008 c10 Tiger Lilys
_ I've been meaning to finish reading the for some time. I swear I had it saved on mozzila for days! You update so fast. I came back and BOOM 10 chapters are waiting for me. XD I'm so behind, I'm not sure when I'll review so I'll review now. I really like the story; the main is so sweet she seems to be the perfect modern Cinderlla. I almost expect her to dance and sing with the rats and horses. -_- Lol...I'm not high.

I'll leave you to more 'fulfilling' reviews.

Peace ^_^
12/29/2008 c19 reader
What a wonderful, funny, touching story! :D Thanks so much! The introductory lines to each chapter were all soo funny. I _loved_ it.
12/29/2008 c4 Mare11
love your story so far. Especially love how you are able to convey to the readers how bad Finley's living situation is. Its so sad
12/29/2008 c19 1StarEyed14
this story is so good! i kept thinking during the story that she'd get into an accident and then have her sight ack but she didnt' and the sstory ended perfectly. I love it!
12/29/2008 c3 StarEyed14
wow.. what a cruel bunch of teenagers!
12/29/2008 c2 StarEyed14
AWW. I really loved this chapter. It flowed really well and gave a great background of the story. Short and sweet.
12/29/2008 c19 heavengurl899
ahh what a great story! it was so beautiful and sweet! I'm so glad you didn't end up killing her because I don't think I'd be able to deal with that! haha Anyways, I thought this was a wonderful story and thank you for sharing it :) From your website I can see that you are a NaNoWriMo (wtf does that even stand for?) winner which is GREAT! haha I'll have to check out the website, but you DEF deserved it :D
12/29/2008 c19 2ehM
ohh! i love the ending! but i have one question..

whatever happened to max? hehe..:D

thank you for a wonderful story!
12/29/2008 c17 heavengurl899
so I don't really get what Camden can DO to Ellie...he can threaten her all he wants but there is nothing he can actually DO. You know? And why would Finley hit her mother?
12/29/2008 c16 heavengurl899
drama! haha I KNEW this would happen...I just thought it'd happen sooner :P
12/29/2008 c15 heavengurl899
how sweet! :D
12/29/2008 c14 heavengurl899
right so seriously I was reading this chapter and hoping to myself the whole time "man I hope this girl doesn't die because that would be mega sucky" haha I'm still going to read it but there's that nagging fear!
12/29/2008 c13 heavengurl899
what a b*tch! Finley should've kept her mouth shut though and gone to the police without her mom knowing...
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