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for The Matchmakers

3/4/2010 c10 2Popcornluver
11/30/2008 c10 Hazelnut Romance
sweet. heart shaped sweetness. nice title for the chap btw. Matchmakers and matched. funny. any sequel?
11/15/2008 c10 6little-kayleigh
Wow, that was so cute. I loved the way how you let her find out his feelings for her. Thanks for writing. *~*kay
11/14/2008 c10 8triplet-lemon
Aww. such a sweet story and beautiful well written.
11/14/2008 c10 Vici Daily
That is so sweet! They are getting married, and finally ended up together. Is it over? If it is, this was a sweet story, great job!
11/14/2008 c9 Vici Daily
Wow, they haven't even had a actual date yet and they've already said I love you. Well its still nice to know that they are together.
11/14/2008 c8 Vici Daily
They KISSED! Awesome...
11/14/2008 c7 Vici Daily
Oh my, that was so romantic! I hope they get together...
11/14/2008 c6 Vici Daily
OMG, she did a three way call! Awesome, but I wonder what will happen now?
11/14/2008 c5 Vici Daily
whoa, whats wrong with Danny? He seemed distant at the end of the chapter.
11/14/2008 c4 Vici Daily
oh that was sad! I can't believe he tried to RAPE her!
11/14/2008 c3 Vici Daily
the milady and prince part was cute. I hope all goes well at the party!
11/14/2008 c2 Vici Daily
Oh she is starting to like him! It's sad that she is lonely though...
11/14/2008 c1 Vici Daily
good chapter! I wonder if Danny really does have feelings for her?

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