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for When I Stayed Silent

7/4/2017 c1 57Ellie LaTraille
This is pretty heartbreaking. I feel like this piece is written more as a diary entry than a story, though, and I'd love to see what would happen if you put this into a scene or two or three! Like, in a series of encounters where the "I" and the "he" interact in the same classroom day after day. That structure could really bring out the whole thing.

Anyway, this might be an old story that you have no intention of re-doing, but in the event that you do have a rekindling of this piece, I'd love to see that reincarnation. Lovely little one-shot. 3
7/27/2014 c1 Person
Sometimes we never know what we've really missed until it's gone, oh my god... Did he kill himself?! I am so glad that you posted this. I now know not to be shy... And I'm just in the beginning. I AM MESSED UP READING ALL THIS AT MY AGE. YES, YES I AM.
9/16/2013 c1 cvbnjmhjkjhgfv
Very strong and moving. I can understand your what-if chain of thoughts - I've often had the same. So many of us have. Thanks for sharing this; I'm sure it will inspire someone who is teetering on the brink of decision.
5/22/2013 c1 3H. Meadows
I love the rawness of the emotion in this. It's simple and uncomplicated but moving. Great story.
3/19/2013 c1 7Dandy352
That was beautiful.
2/5/2013 c1 1Vicki Lawson
Did he die in a car accident?
1/21/2013 c1 Breaking Sad
This is such a moving story ... :'(
1/8/2013 c1 81KaylaHeart
Fantastic! Not sure why I chose to read your first story, but this is really good! That had to be hard.
1/6/2013 c1 3SummerAngel95
That's so heartbreaking but so true. That was beautifully written and I enjoyed reading it. You're a very good writer. :)
12/13/2012 c1 4Lolitroy
Aww... just AWW it's so sad my head will explode! *BAM*
11/8/2012 c1 22AFractionOfMySoul
very deep and moving. makes me think about all those shy, silent types that people look straight through and how alone they must feel. this was a strong piece without all the angst and melodrama that would have ruined it; i liked that it was a dignified, selfcontained piece instead of ranting and raving about how the world is unfair. good writing
11/2/2012 c1 1Amy90
Wow... That's really sad.
(But it's wonderfully written.)

I must admit I was in similar situations several times, I just wanted to be the friend they needed, but they always wanted to be more than just friends. So if you befriend someone like this boy, he will hold on to you like a drowning person. So you must be very sure whether you can (and want to) go through with it in the long run.
And there's another thing I learned the hard way: You can't save everyone.
Sounds cruel. And that's how it still feels sometimes.
I'm sure I'm not the only person who can relate. So I'm also sure I'm not the only person who will feel the same when reading your story.
I think it's just wonderful! :)
10/18/2012 c1 10KnifeInTheCrayonBox
Wow, this was amazing. I could really relate to this. I know people always told me, 'go talk to the shy kid' but they couldn't really understand how hard it was unless they were so shy themselves.

I like how you ended it on a hopeful note, and reminded a lot of us to never let an oppurtunity pass us by, because we might never get it again. This was simply beautiful and inspiring. )
10/13/2012 c1 7Aela the Huntress
Wow, this was amazing. Thank you.
10/10/2012 c1 3IAmAnAeroplane
Obviously, other people have made it clear that this is an amazing story, and I agree. It was beautifully written about a semi-dark subject. A good writer should connect with the reader, whatever age, gender or religion. By these reviews I can tell that you have done that. I absolutely loved it. You should be proud of this story, and for speaking about the topic. This is a huge part of high-school, the cliques, the friendships and the little things. I am amazed by your level of writing and I should probably shut up, because now I'm just ranting. Anyway, overall, LOVED IT!
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