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2/2/2011 c2 5Rainbow35
I liked the person named Nataniel because I think that name is cool, it's like a combination of Nathan and Daniel. I didn't like the long paragraph of description at the start, because whenever I read long paragraphs, the lines all mix into to each other and it's difficult to read, so that might be better if it was split up halfway through, or something. It seems like the entire chapter was pretty much only description, not much really happened. That's not good or bad, I'm just saying.
2/2/2011 c1 Rainbow35
I liked the girl's personality, and the way she didn't agree with her parents' standards, and that her way of rebelling was being withdrawn, and reading, because it reminds me a bit of myself. I also liked the way she just randomly disappeared, and then just came back when she felt like it, because it's mysterious since it never says where she went, and it also give the impression that she's in complete control of her life, since she can just disappear then come back like that .
1/8/2011 c22 2daydee
like so many others who've reviewed, I'm completely astonished at the fact that you only have 44 reviews. from a story so well written, I would've expected hundreds of reviews.

I noticed you'd said you would edit this. the fact that your first draft is infinitely better than some of the stories on fp that have undergone multiple edits really says something about your writing skills. you kept me thoroughly entertained and engaged.

10/17/2010 c22 tui
That was really good im surprised by the amount of reviews you have gotten

10/11/2010 c22 23fatbird33
great story. i throughoughly enjoyed all of it! :)
10/11/2010 c19 fatbird33
ah! i want to know more! luckily for me, i can read on;)
10/11/2010 c18 fatbird33
your chapters are getting better and better. so much suspense and very intruiging characters. great :)
10/11/2010 c17 fatbird33
awesome chapter! :D
10/11/2010 c15 fatbird33
this is my favorite chapter yet. well written and writing with emotion. fantastic! :)
10/11/2010 c22 CrazyH
O.M.G! I can't believe this story's only got 37 reviews. That was absolutely wonderful! You could be a proper author! What with the excellent vocabulary and the mind boggling way that you put words together, expressing emotions perfectly! Keep writing! :)
10/11/2010 c14 fatbird33
nice twist! :)
10/11/2010 c13 fatbird33
intense chapter, not what i expected, which is a good thing! :)
10/11/2010 c11 fatbird33
o did she fall in love at the farm?

"fell back as if he were physically insulted." i don't know why, but that comment really amused me.

holy piss! he was stabbed? who stabbed him? sad!
10/11/2010 c10 fatbird33
i like seeing the joyful side of Damien.

o wildflower. the title! :P

i want to know what Adena's hiding!

the king was just attacked. i think it's stupid of adena to expect damien to stay with her at such a time.
10/11/2010 c9 fatbird33

sorry i've disappeared from life! i've been so busy and now after months and months, i finally have some free time! yay! so i can read again!

great descriptions as always! :)
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