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7/15/2010 c7 1Passionately Yours
Oh Damien, if your wife is beautiful, take advantage!

But its a happy ending since he ends up cuddling with her!
7/15/2010 c6 Passionately Yours
I hope that Otto is the King. I think he'd make a good king!
7/15/2010 c5 Passionately Yours
"If only we could…" he sighed.

Hmm, this makes me wonder. Does he want to be close to her? Does he have a reason not to be?
7/15/2010 c4 Passionately Yours
They still haven't consumated? That's the key! Sex! XDD but I feel bad for her... but no worries! I have a feeling he'll warm up to her!
7/15/2010 c3 Passionately Yours
I really hope that Damien becomes a loving husband!
7/15/2010 c2 Passionately Yours
Your descriptions are absolutely wonderful. I can very clearly imagine everything.

Hmm, I wonder why Damien gets so easily annoyed Nataniel. Although he's a bit too curious. XD

Ah, now I know. They're pretty much opposites.

I wish that Damien loved his wife! ='(
7/15/2010 c1 Passionately Yours
Hm. I really like your plot because I adore romances with Dukes/other titled figures. My own current story mentions them! But regardless, definitely expect more reviews from me. ;)
6/3/2010 c8 1schoeppc
Wonderful story! You really did an amazing job.
2/13/2010 c7 23fatbird33
i like the character of celine
2/13/2010 c6 fatbird33
you have a nice plotline developing
12/23/2009 c3 bouder
i do think this is a very well written story.

it is well expressed and description is good.

strong imagery makes an excellent story, please add more.

however i found some grammatical errors in the story in various parts.

be sure to check carefully.
12/22/2009 c5 fatbird33
great visuals!
2/20/2009 c4 fatbird33
oh yeah! you've updated. *does dance*

"Though his features were hidden, his outlandish ensemble and his lingering fixation on the passing carriage alerted her to the identity of the man. " what a fantastic sentence! huzzah for that!

good for Adena for standing up for herself!

"she would never have to bend her back in labor. There was love—a love that did not require a glass slipper; a love that did not need jewels to glitter because in his eyes there were jewels, precious sapphires that were worth the world to her."

loved that part! amazing.

i also liked your last sentence of this chapter.

great story, keep it up:)

1/1/2009 c3 8Written
Hmm, I have to wonder if he'll become a better husband or if she'll find love elsewhere. interesting read so far :)
11/26/2008 c3 23fatbird33
i like how you have adena's attention wane with damiens converstaion with the duke. it captured what the reader was feeling at that time too, so good job.

“It is quite alright, dear. Everyone knows about Duke Havener and his ridiculous demands,” she prattled, “Is it really true that he…” o

maybe you could add some more sorrow when she's talking about her husband's death.

good characters and good story! update soon:)
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