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8/21/2010 c9 2Ghost n' Ghoul Girl
update please!
5/28/2010 c9 ebs12
really like it, update soon
4/28/2009 c9 3Alice Danielle
o.o Noo! He's being mean to her! (Woah, immature moment, there. xD) Anyways, still wish the chapters were longer... But I can't wait to read what's next! ^_^


Alice Danielle
4/24/2009 c9 8deshaunwalker
Jaar! Elliot is such a bum! how could he do that to her like that? Anyway update soon!
4/24/2009 c9 2msallaroundperfect
I'm so confused and what I'm not confused about is horrible. Update soon please.
1/31/2009 c8 3theater24601
im liking it
1/30/2009 c8 omgvenom
I'm an avid follower! ^.^ I just forget to review a majority of the time when I read. I do really love your story though, just FYI.
1/17/2009 c7 2msallaroundperfect
i really like your story. I just wish that the chapters were longer...
1/17/2009 c1 1Narc
I didn't really like how the beginning opened up with a dream sequence of her wanting to be popular. Yes, it shows that she -wants- to be popular, but I felt that could have been shown better through her interactions and thoughts at school.

What I did like, however, was her daydream in the middle of class. That was much better placed, since we already met Clare, and it flowed well with the story.

For the review marathon (link in my profile).
1/14/2009 c6 3Alice Danielle
Hmm... Interesting... Why doesn't nobody know her? (: Can't wait to read more! (: And your welcome, by the way.
1/8/2009 c5 Alice Danielle
Confusing... But good, at the same time. PLEASE try to make the chapters longer. Kay? (: And I understand that you will probably explain all of this later, because it is so confusing and all, but since you aren't really writing much per chapter (no offense, it is just the truth), try to update more often. Not like I should be talking, what with my slow updating on MY stories, but you really should try to write more... (: Like your story. It confuses me SO MUCH, though!


Alice Danielle
12/11/2008 c4 truth17
What is this man?

I wonder what's going to happen to Clare when she shows up to school all transformed.

This story intrigues me!

I hope for more SOON!
11/22/2008 c2 16ValerieYoung
interesting story. a bit confusing but it ok. i still like it. well hope u update soon n good luck on da rest of ur story!
11/21/2008 c1 2xxLovelyLittleLie
Interesting. Somewhat confusing, but I'm guessing that's what you were going for to some extent. Can't wait for the next chapter. :)

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