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12/1/2004 c10 163Frosted Midnight
hey this is such an awsome story , why oh why ,did you stop writing it ? please write more on it , i am no good with suspence please ?
8/27/2004 c10 12tweetyiscool29
Oh! I liked that! I just recently signed up here, and have been browsing around since (put my first story up today), and this caught my eye, and yeah, I read it, lol. I liked it too, I hope you continue writing
1/24/2004 c10 4veralidaine sarrasri
a little hard to follow but otherwis4e pretty good
12/14/2003 c10 10Sydney Kidampory
Wow... I love this story... I can't wait til you write more... It's great!
3/13/2003 c10 74Natalie Portman
wow I love this story! Please write more
12/2/2002 c10 Abby
i love this please post more soon :) . . . can you please email me when you do . . . thanks :)
11/7/2002 c10 18Alexiana
Are ya gonna continue the story? I like it, you should no that, please write more..it's been such a long time of deprivation...
4/28/2002 c9 Alexiana
i love it !PLEASE! write more!
3/17/2002 c9 Skogul
hi! hurry up and finish it! i'm dyin to know what's gonna happen next! ~_~
3/6/2002 c9 dark angel
u need to finsh.
3/6/2002 c9 vY
Please update more frequently.. I really would like to read more =]
2/6/2002 c8 Alexiana
i need MOREE!^_^ ..okay..im better now. please write more?
1/6/2002 c8 2Delia1
Hey awesome story! I have two suggestions!

1. Can you describe Vannen more cuz I need it to be really detailed so my imagination can go to work


12/13/2001 c7 Kira
Ohh! Very awesome! I hafta know what happens next! Pleeeaase? You can't keep

all your loyal fans in suspense forever!
11/15/2001 c7 crissy
ack! what happen's next? i want to know. i'm not very good at waiting or being patient. please, i want more.
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