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for Prostitution

12/30/2008 c1 2kandaisy
i like this poem, its true.

it's the kind of poem that you're expecting to have a sex scene in it, but instead you walk out with a flashback.

11/29/2008 c1 6vampireprincess1606
I like the emotion in the piece and the little facts weaved in. This poem made me think. Yeah, maybe America is a hustla

gas/oil industries and such, they stop the process of energy efficent cars or vehicles. plus they hold back the gas, buying as much as they can. Once Obama was elected president, the oil industry lowered gass prices, but not in any other country. My grandparents live in england and they pay $15 (7.50 pounds) a gallon.

so yeah, i agree with you... america is a hustla
11/22/2008 c1 45deefective
Aha, quite an interesting piece. I loved how you took the idea of being a prostitute and flipped it and made it into something bigger. Allegory written all over. But it was well done. The only thing I would say is that there were some parts where the stanza organization was off. Some sentences were cut off when they didn't need to be and some trailed on a bit longer than they should have. Other than that, nicely done. I really like this.

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