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for I Know He Loves Me

1/14/2012 c1 m.annbrown
This was a hauntingly beautiful read. I liked the raw, tangy emotion the main character is concentrated with. Poor darling, lovely, obsessive ending. That man was cruel and I enjoyed diving right in the middle, picking up clues along the way despite not understanding what the fight, and ultimately, her death was about.

I especially enjoyed:

**One traitorous drop of saltwater hits the carpet as loud as a thunderclap**

**Neither do I have the strength to ball my hands into fists to curb the pain. Instead, I settle for staring at him – the ultimate comfort.**

**My heart puffs up with affection. He must have done that to ease the pain**
4/1/2009 c1 J. C. Hunter
hey hey hey. reviewed like i said i would. hahaha. WHAT IS THIS PIECE OF CRAP? lol. it's actually quite good lor. FOR A PIECE OF CRAP. xD. why you say it's disappointing? the writing's good. no grammar mistakes and weird sentence structure and all. the imagery's nice. the story's impactful. and it's kinda disturbing. hahah. which is good. although there's a few words here and there that's A LITTLE weird. like the saltwater. i thought the word tear might be better. and somewhere towards the end there's a 'choked down my sick'. i think 'bile' sounds more normal. but otherwise on the whole this is a good piece of writing. FOR A PIECE OF CRAP. xD.
11/24/2008 c1 sunflower.kiss
Whoa. Pretty good detail. I really enjoyed reading it, but I thought it would be a little longer. Anyway, thanks for the short (but good) read. Keep writing.

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