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for Repetition

1/30/2009 c5 criti-sized
Hm, another realistic poem, lol. I like the way that this poem falls into place and doesn't seem to distract the reader.

I don't know if I said it before, but what you have here is a good idea, and it's very creative.

1/30/2009 c4 criti-sized
LOL. This poem has only risen more questions for those few of us that ever get to experience love, lol. A very nice potrayal of emotion and depth in this poem. I liked the way that you led everything on in a happy light then exposed the darker thoughts. The only thing that caught me off guard was that you didn't have punctuation on certain words and on some you did. It would've seemed better if you'd had it one way or the other, but it's just a suggestion.

Great poem.

1/30/2009 c3 criti-sized
Another nice poem. The repetition in this one didn't have the same effect as the first one, but it was still great.

1/26/2009 c2 criti-sized
I think that it's a cool idea what you're doing. I totally lack inspiration for poetry, though I tried my hand at it a few times.

Anyways. I like this poem a lot, it's really neat and flows smoothly. The only line that I found to sound a bit awkward was:

[iWish you could still love me, hold me and protect me from my fears] Maybe it's because the second 'me' sounds more like repetition than anythig else, and it's knocking the flow a bit off.

Other than that this poem is sweet.

12/2/2008 c4 45Tanize
I really like the structure of these poems. Especially that the first, repetetive word always has its own characteristic. [:

I also have a weak spot for rhymes, so I loved reading these out loud to myself. [;

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