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for Of Monsters Chapter I: Of Vampires

7/8/2009 c9 LEAJAY
ok so i know you have things to do people to see...and well like a life...unlike *cough*me*cough* but to quote Rae: "Write woman write!"
4/27/2009 c9 LEA
bravo jons love this story so far...you better continue it...or i will take whatever means necessary to get to your house...and make you write it..or maybe i'll just go to your house..miss ya..

ok anyways love it love you!

4/7/2009 c8 1chococcino
Haha! Gwen's in big trouble.

I'm glad she didn't kill Jack

though, no matter how annoying he

can be.

The chapters aare as good as always!

4/4/2009 c8 3Freddy Teddy
o.o. Bout what about Drac? Won't he wake up soon?
3/31/2009 c7 1chococcino
OH no, oh no!

I can't believe it! Dracula

had to wake at that moment?


gosh, I don't like the sounds

of that!DX

I never thought I'd feel sorry for Jack,

though he is a coward . Liz would juz

face Gwen if she had a WEAPON like Jack did... _ possibly...

Sorry, I didn't realise there was

another chapter or I would've reviewed

quicker -_- Thanks for updating but please

update the next one too.

2/17/2009 c7 2A Freak Like Me
Dude, you should update sooner...I'm dying here, srsly. I really like your story...Drac sounds hot ;)
2/17/2009 c7 5Crimsonoaks
ack they've been caught! sorry it took me so long to r&r but i hope by reviewing the last few ive made it up to you.
2/17/2009 c5 Crimsonoaks
Jane turning into a wolf was a bit random but also super cool.
2/17/2009 c4 Crimsonoaks
the liking jack was a bit thrown in there but otherwise the chap went well.
2/14/2009 c6 1chococcino

I can't believe Jack and Gwen would do something THAT horrible!

He may have a sleazeball but I didn't think he'd be THAT BAD!

Can't wait for the next chappie! I love twists =]
2/8/2009 c6 SpotWillRuleTheWorld
I realy like your story. Keep writing.
2/8/2009 c6 10Robyn Night
I was actually starting to like Jack too, and now he goes and betrays them! Jane should have bit him! Great chapter- lots of info in ti! :) Keep updating! :)
2/7/2009 c6 Hal
Hello! :) I have to say, the idea for this story is quite interesting and I find myself looking forward to updates :) However, I feel like this story is moving a bit too slow. It's already reached the sixth chapter and truthfully, I haven't really found the main point to this story yet. Perhaps you should speed up the pace of the story a little? :) So far, it seems as if there hasn't been a truly obvious or valid reason as to why Liz wants Dracula "dead," and as for Jack, Jane and Gwen, there seems to be little character development. Maybe I'm just an extremely impatient person. Haha. But whatever the case, I'd really appreciate it if there was a little more depth to this story. Thanks! And don't get me wrong. I see a lot of poetntial in this story and I will definitely follow it through till the end :) Hope you update soon!
1/16/2009 c5 Kat
So, today I realized that I hadn't been reviewing this one and nearly died due to that fact. I don't think I've ever told you this before, but this is definitely one of my favorites you've written. I'm suddenly glad that I never read the attachment you e-mailed which contained this story. I really enjoy just seeing this one unravel as everybody else on this sight. I absolutely adore the characters and can't wait for you to update, JonnieAnaRo! More, more, PLEASE more!
1/16/2009 c5 1chococcino
Thanks so much for this chapter! I've been waiting for so long (well for me anyway).

I can't believe the Jane is a ... *gulp* This chapter was definitely worth the wait =]
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