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for Mid-Afternoon of the Dead

10/29/2005 c1 13WindWing
I think it was good, however, wen u write another story, try to even out the speed of how u bring things in. it was a bit confusing cause i think they would have been more suprised bout everthing. all in all though, it was a great story. keep writin!
7/9/2004 c1 17the mouse that roared
Well, I must say I don't like horror very much, and the goriness in part of your story was...well I was grossed out a little, but it was very vividly described. So good description. The story built tension very well and it was very surprising when Curtis pulled out the gun. Characters were easy to tell apart-each had a distinct personality. Also, the "five-year-old" writing was very well done. You are a very talented writer. The ending is a little abrupt, however. Also, the explanation of why Curtis killed Haley was a little unclear. Good story, though.
4/3/2004 c1 5eggnogaholic
THat was sick and twisted. THats all im gonna say.
6/10/2001 c1 1Maggie Griffin
Good story, deliciously scary and morbid! There was just one thing I didn't understand, as to why he killed Haley, the explanation was a bit confusing. But otherwise an very good horror story!
5/30/2001 c1 raving reader
Good story should of been longer and more zombies.

signed the raving reader
5/7/2001 c1 7Skye Rocket
That was cool! But why was it a parody?
5/6/2001 c1 4DavePoole24
This story is really disgusting and graphic! IT'S AWESOME!
5/6/2001 c1 5Daoloth
Really good story. I liked the twist. Not your typical horror story, one of the best on FanFic.

4/21/2001 c1 7JaffaCake
This story is great! It truly freaked me out, and your use of description was awesome.
4/21/2001 c1 15volli429
That was a really great story. I just love horror stories like that. I was sorta surprised that Curtis pulled the gun out, and even more surprised when the dead body came to life.
4/20/2001 c1 L.E. Lamkin
Hm...that was interesting. I liked it.

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