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12/5/2008 c1 Ashley
Okay, so I took a class at college called Financial Management of a Nonprofit Organization. Schools often threaten to cut art and extrqcurriculars because they know the parents care about them. The parents will protest allowing the board to claim they need a larger budget or they will have to cut the classes. Those approving the budget do not want to upset the parents and, so, are more apt to approve a larger budget. The school and board don't really want to cut those programs; they want to get a larger budget approved.

Who approves the budget? Often times it is the local government, parents, and/or townspeople. If it is an private school, a group will set the budget and a board wil approve it.

I also agree with your sentiments to keep the students informed. An important process of the budget setting is to include all those who may be affected and to gather as much input as possible. They should also hold informatory and general meetings,so that people will be able to understand the budget and how the process works. They should not keep you in the dark. It seems this board is probably made up of people who want to join politics or just want the name fame. Hope you get a better board!

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