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for When the Self Destructive Snap

6/17/2011 c1 Kumafighter
Wow, all that over a comforter? That chick needs a friend, well maybe if she weren't dead. I do appreciate a good psycho story now and then. I normally don't read really short stories but I figured I'd enjoy yours and indeed I did. Anyway, more reading to do.
4/1/2010 c1 Emoshun15
Damn, this story was actually scarier than Silent Night. lol If thats what you were going for, then good job!
6/7/2009 c1 8CatProduttore
I'm not sure what too say to that. It's so dark and sad...
12/17/2008 c1 27Krystal Angeline
I thought it was fabulous.

It made me laugh... I'm not crazy!

Just the knife... She had her mother's knife and...

I think it's kinda funny.

The ending, though, gah!

11/28/2008 c1 21Faith Adeline
Oo, very interesting. Quite a character. I liked it. It could've been a bit longer, but it's still good.


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