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1/16/2015 c13 Guest
Please update!
9/30/2013 c13 loveantiquity
Christ almighty, you don't make it easy for Johnny, do you? I really hope they get their happily ever after, and soon! Preferably without Johnny being crippled in the process! ;) Looking forward to more! Lara
9/24/2013 c13 xosabrina
So glad that Johnny finally found out what happened & what a b-h his mom is. I can't wait for their happily ever after. Don't keep us waiting too long before your next update!(:
7/21/2013 c12 DramaticStarlet
Even 3 years later, I'm still hooked. I'm begging you to give me an ending, even if it's only one chapter!
1/20/2013 c1 monkey
damn you still know how to write.. and i still think you need to sit down and do that book of yours. There needs to be more you made the characters real and they spoke very well.

12/21/2010 c12 larafrancesca
You have no idea how tired I am, it's 3:45 am in England and we're about to drive to Germany in sloshy snow! I desided not to go to sleep as I figured it'd be harder to wake up at 3:30 then simply stay awake and I just felt like cheking Fictionpress quickly when I saw that you'd up dated! So thank you for giving me a good wake up! I'm now smiling despite how early it is :D Hope you have a merry chritmas and up date again soon! Lara x
12/16/2010 c12 7miss-life
Finally at least Johnny know what happened! Halfway to perfect ;) And his mom is a major bitch! Just sayin' ;)

12/14/2010 c12 Chris
Bahahaha, I love Beth! (and cake, who can blame her, it's great!)

Why do I feel like now Johnny's seen the light, something's going to come up? Looking forward to more!
12/13/2010 c12 EmptySh3ll
that was fast. I want a confrontation with the Mother, lol.

Love Beth by the way
11/2/2010 c11 EmptySh3ll
i think this is all the doing of Johnny's mom. Hope you update soon!
10/26/2010 c11 Crazy.Kc
Hi, just wanted to let you know I really liked the new chapter and can't wait to read the next!
10/9/2010 c11 taylor057
Cant wait for your next chapter hope its up soon.
10/9/2010 c11 3MidnightFall
Omg! I can't believe she is leaving. You have got to update like really soon because I have to know what Johnny is going to do. I mean he has to go after her, right!

Loved it! Plz update soon!
10/9/2010 c11 larafrancesca
I knew he couldn't be dead! I wonder where you're going with this, I keep imagening that Ally will end up in a car crash and it'll be Johny who finds her, something along those lines or he'll go after her, or something completely different... :) Do you have a plan of whats going to happen or are you 'going with the flow'? I can't wait to read Johny's pov so please up date soon! It was Johny's mums fault that they got into the mess in the first place wasn't it? I really hope your planning a happy ending cause I love your characters! ~lara~ x
10/8/2010 c2 larafrancesca
Please don't tell me he died! Holy wow I am such a ditz, he can't have because they get a second chance right? Right? You did call this "Second Chances" so they have to have one meaning he can't be dead... but it's so meloncholy!

I really like it by the way ;) Can't wait to find out what happened!
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