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for You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours

11/1/2010 c2 4Elastic
I started to read it and it sounded really good

But it was really hard to read because of the non-paragraph form.

Maybe edit it and you'll get more readers?
10/2/2001 c5 8jerry sizzler
oh my god...that was an excellent story. im not a lesbian but you made it so easy to understand the love between beth and jordan...and even the love between beth and her late love, kiri...how far beth would go to keep her promise to kiri...it is a lovely story
8/25/2001 c5 17Seran Perry
Hi, Tom here.

This time U have really exelled yourself (Then again,, U always do). This is a great story. Everybody should read this! Heart warming, sweet, crunchy, this really is a book for everyone.

...Well done!
6/14/2001 c5 2Adeline
It's official, I'm an idiot. A downright idiot! Could I *be* any thicker? Anyway, about your story. I already said it and I'll say it again, IT IS GREAT! :) I like it a huge lot! And you... Keep writing and posting, or else! ;)
5/18/2001 c5 eunice
*gets the tissues out* awww, a happy ending! super story seran :) lol, love the last line...dig deep into your pervy side seran and you'll get it!
5/18/2001 c5 Jenny
Wow. It's great. This last chapter really wraps everything up, you get that sort of satisfied everything-turned-out-for-the-best feeling! Plus you can play 'hunt the references to Seran's personal life'! Yeah, it's really good. Any more short(ish) stories coming Seran?
5/9/2001 c4 Jenny
Scary! I didnt expect her to die! Spose it did get her out of the way though. I know i sound really repetitive now but it's really good, you've put a lot of tension into it and you had a real atmosphere building up. Can't wait for chapter 5!
5/6/2001 c4 17Seran Perry
Hey Eunice! The daisy chain bit was something to do with Thursday yeah! haha! so glad you guys are enjoying it! one more chapter left!
5/5/2001 c4 eunice
a long but exctitng chapter! i didn't expect a lot of that! poor 'ickle tom! can't wait for the final chapter! the daisy chain bit made me laugh...was it something to do w/ last thursday?
5/4/2001 c1 14Bondii
arrr... last review didn't come out right it was supposed to say: "_
5/3/2001 c3 Bondii
5/2/2001 c3 Jenny
Oooh... its getting tense now! There's a lot more happening in this chapter isnt there! It's great. Keep going!
4/30/2001 c3 eu-nice
hey, how come tom's surname has changed? anyway, cool story seran! that woman is a mean machine...locking his door 'n' all...i was really suprised when jordan called the police, what's she doing? how's it gonna finish?
4/25/2001 c2 eunice
awwww, i wanna give tom a hug! that woman is a meanie; a nasty piece of work! super story seran...i want more!
4/25/2001 c2 Matt
Very good so far! All the characters have great personalities, let me know when the next chapter appears!
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