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12/1/2008 c5 4Reine Ayten
When you said "an article caught my eye:" I was expecting an excerpt from the newspaper or a headline. Just saying. Otherwise you've written this quite well.
11/30/2008 c1 Reine Ayten
I have a couple of questions that might be just because I'm not studying this kind of stuff yet... so bear with me;

1) Are the varroa and the tracheal mites two different species?

2) Is this conversation taking place on Earth or on the Moon?

3) This might just be me, but I think you should maybe describe where they are before you start the minutes, or is that not a part of your assignment?

Overall, this was written quite well, just a few things might need to be cleared up for me, but remember I don't know all of this. (I'm in physics this semester.)

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