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for The Strange Days of Arabella Flannery

8/21/2009 c7 3aPondInTime
Okay, I realise you posted this ages ago, but I only just got around to reading it... I think it's a really good chapter... looking forward to the next. :)
8/18/2009 c7 10CassandraStacy
I hope things are going okay in your life, but I must confess that if you lost one of your stalkee's then you're not a very good stalker. he heh. Sorry.

Five slices of pizza. Boy is that a lot. I'm more of a three kind of girl, myself. Good chapter, but sadly short. I do enjoy her bantering with the guys, but I really want to get into more of this star spirit thing! So I hope that you are able to update soon because I'm excited to see what'll be happening next.

8/9/2009 c7 1readaholicxxx
great chapter!

And I hope things get better for you-my life pretty much sucks right now too...sigh
8/7/2009 c7 4T.J. Kroyer
"With Bible Barbie and drunken mother, it’s kind of hard to know what it’s like not to want to impale yourself with a rusty rake." Thats amazing, I absolutely adore your humor.

"Now- and maybe it was the knowledge that Logan was gayer than a rainbow on LSD- it was just kind of funny." Again, adore your humor.

Interesting chapter, and funny as always. I hope things work out for you by the way...
8/5/2009 c7 11Charlot W
"The same place it always goes, I guess," I said, shrugging one shoulder, letting him take one of the pizza boxes and clutching the other to my chest. "To my ego."

Just another great example of why I keep coming back to this story! I hope things clear up for you, I look forward to future chapters.
8/5/2009 c7 20Lonzo
Ha! The rainbow on LSD was riotous!
6/27/2009 c6 10CassandraStacy
This story is good so far. It def. has potential. And the MC is funny! I like how in the first two chapters you had a "page from Ara's book" ... or however you framed it . . . those always amused me. I'd be interested in reading more if you planned on doing regular updates.

5/19/2009 c6 3aPondInTime
Awesome story, great plot, very funny. If this is something that you wouldn't publish, I can't imagine how good the stories that you would publish are... if that makes sense.
5/13/2009 c6 HoneyAppleEater
haha i love this story the character is soo funny lol.

Plz Update :D
5/5/2009 c6 7Whyler
This is good! Update soon


4/24/2009 c6 4T.J. Kroyer
"I howled into the phone, hanging up calmly, then picking it up and slamming it back down a few more times. You know, for good measure." Your humor never ceases to amaze me XD.

"Actually, I didn’t have a wooden spoon, but it’s not like it would be difficult to find. Much easier than getting my hands on some medevial torture device. They don’t even let me in that section of the museum anymore." thtas so amazing! XD

Good chapter and as always, amazingly funny =].
4/23/2009 c6 20Lonzo
She is such a sarcastic thing, ennit? She's funnier 'n hell!
4/23/2009 c6 1readaholicxxx
hehe great chapter
4/21/2009 c5 Spazz-O-Spades
OOHOH! BIBLE BARBIE! Can I steal that for real life! I could piss so many people off!

By the way, I'd like to point out the scary step-mom's name is Lucinda, Lu in my story is short for Lucinda.


4/21/2009 c4 Spazz-O-Spades


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