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for To Catch A Falling Star

10/28/2009 c12 2HelgaBertoni
Loved it, update soon!
10/28/2009 c12 4smileinthemira
awee comon :(
10/28/2009 c12 18FreekyDisaster18
Oh I need more! When can we expect an update? PS I love the use of twitter! GREAT IDEA!
10/28/2009 c12 Little-Mad-Fairy
k so i had to review this way as i can't review twice parrently, still was good, makes me look forward to more. definitely a teaser. :)

update soon.

Corey x x x
10/28/2009 c12 1AlphaBeatKayGee
What the heck! What kind of update was this? No action!..update soon!
10/3/2009 c12 Little-Mad-Fairy
yay. happy birthday for tuesday. i look forward to ur update.

good luck wiv moving.:)

Corey x
10/2/2009 c12 coconutsurf
Good to know that this story isn't going to be left behind. Good luck with your move! I hear New Zealand is a really great place :)
9/19/2009 c7 7TwoClovedHooves
OMG I just...*flail*

Don't ask me why but you having Dash come in and just do a hit-and-run on cat fight is ridiculously full of awesome.

(Also, now I'm saying "hit-and-run on a cat fight" over and over in my brain.)
9/19/2009 c11 2It's Not The Same
Wow. I've been reading chapter 1 until here and I didn't have the guts to review this awesome story from chapter 1 XD.

Anyway, this was a great story. I feel very... happy because Adrianna broke up with him with a reason (hey, at least she didn't keep it from him for too long. She said it honestly, in my opinion, which was brave.) But, I have a feeling that I'll feel sorry for Dash. :( Oops, I already am.

Anyway, I want to know when Dash and Jess will meet again. It's always exciting when they meet (like the Knight in Shining Armour episode.)

Well, update as soon as you can, but you can take your time, but not for too long!
9/18/2009 c12 5itsVKEE
i love this story so far =D it's really great. however; i don't like Adriana. She's very.. predictable. You know? Typical self-centered, inconsiderate, that kinda thing. I've been trying to find a story where the "bitchy girlfriend" isn't so easy to read and predict. Other than that i think this story will go far. Goodluck with your moving. Shit happens, but hey! we live through it huh? =DD
9/17/2009 c12 7Silencia
hehe, thank you for advertising my little treasure! ^^ I'm happy!
9/17/2009 c1 3kvm
I started reading the first chapter, and thought that the writing was well done, very engaging, with details about the glamor of the Oscars. Then the chapter cut to the protagonist . . . and she lived in Corry, Pennsylvania. My jaw dropped. I was born and raised in Corry, PA. Moved away when I was 18, but I still have family there. Talk about being able to relate to a story. Have you been there, jessnuts, or did you pick it off of a map? Either way, what a coincidence.
9/17/2009 c12 BizzyBee9696
I just came across this story and start reading now i'm addicted like seriously...i can't wait for the next chapter...is Ade preggers by that Mark guy is Dash going to go back to penn to get away from the whole Ade break so many questions only you have the answer to so update soon
9/17/2009 c12 8castiel89
Dayum... I got all excited there for a second. But you're reasons are acceptable lol. I cannot wait for the real update when it happens!

Thanks for pimpin' out YBWM...again! LOL
9/17/2009 c12 25KelaBelle
aww dont worry x you take as long as you need, because your a damn good beta. x
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