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8/18/2009 c11 coconutsurf
Whoa! Talk about major fighting there! Good thing the papparazzi wasn't there at that time! Great job with this story! Although it makes me wonder if this breakup will be for good?
8/18/2009 c11 25KelaBelle
I hate that girl he said he loved her too, I hope he goes with jess now show ehr what shes missing the spoilt brat. Good chapter x
8/18/2009 c11 1AlphaBeatKayGee
Its about time that he knew about her decieving ways. Poor Dash. He thought he was in love. Where do you go from here? Update soon!
8/18/2009 c11 Northwesst
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! okay i'm done...HAHAHAHAHA! okay now...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! i'm sorry!~ i'm laughing at dash! i find it funny that he's getting dumped! _ lol great chapter!
8/15/2009 c10 18FreekyDisaster18
I can't wait for more. This rewrite is absolutely amazing and it appears that your writing has strengthened. I love it.I cant wait for more! Update soon, please.
8/14/2009 c10 coconutsurf
Oh wow! I go on vacation myself and come back to this sweet chapter :D I love how he's still thinking about our main girl Jess...maybe she's starting to get under his skin? And the rumours about Adrianna dating some other dude...I can imagine that happening (if it's going to help Jess ;D). Oh and I am totally loving the characters of Dash's sisters...they seem to be down to earth characters.
8/14/2009 c10 2emmasofie
i like the chapter! (:

im kinda exited for teh later chaps where there's more time with dash and jess togheter... :P

update as soon as you can!


8/14/2009 c10 18Hazuki-chan
yay that was a-ma-zing. :) update soon, i can't wait to see what happens next.

Hazuki x
8/13/2009 c10 5xxchristiexx
I have that exact problem when I see something I love and all I want is to buy it but unfortuanately if I do, it will lead me with little to no money or I have some kind of bill to pay. It always sucks.

Anyway on with the story. I don't think I have reviewed the last couple of chapters due to not having much time but I've made time to review this one. The rumor mill can go wild in Hollywood. It's amazing how one tiny vacation away from the spotlight can lead everyone to have all these assumptions about you, not that I'm familiar with any of it because I'm obviously not a celebrity.

Oh, Dash is in love with Adrianna but something tells me that it won't stay this way. Maybe that paparazzi is right. Maybe Ade is hooking up with some other guy while he's been away. Update soon!

PS: I hope you're not sick!
8/13/2009 c10 1nanakathleen
I'm assuming Dash doesn't really love Adrianna?

And as I am to the end of the available chapters, this'll be going on alert. =]
8/13/2009 c9 nanakathleen
Aww. That's cute.

And I'm jealous, Ben Barnes? Mm-mm.
8/13/2009 c8 nanakathleen
Haha, Dash is pretty sweet =]

Even when Jess makes a dork of herself. I actually think guys like that, at least if it's genuine.
8/13/2009 c7 nanakathleen
That's really cool, you doing a companion thing with the same characters as someone else?

And Dash went up like 13840934809185901584 points in my book, by saving Jess' ass.
8/13/2009 c6 nanakathleen
Yikes, everyone's being so mean to Jess =/
8/13/2009 c5 nanakathleen
Haha, I love Sugarcult too. Immediately as I saw the chapter title I got all "RYAN REYNOLDS" and stuff.

I especially liked the part about them speaking of her alcohol consumption, xD

Also sounds like something I'd say. On both sides, too, Celine and Jess. Lol.

I have too much fun with this story.
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