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12/17/2008 c4 5random-name-change
wow i was being stupid. i must be really tired tonight. I like this story. its so unique. if you get a chance, id like to see what you think of some of my stories.
12/17/2008 c3 random-name-change
Ch. 3 and 5 are together? is that intentional or am i missing something here?
12/16/2008 c1 random-name-change
Very interesting so far. Definately not like anything else I've ever read. This is all I had time for tonight, but I'm very much hoping to read the rest this week. Excellent first chapter and names. And thanks again for your review of Twilight.
12/14/2008 c1 18Aoide Mnemosyne
Great chapter :). I did spot one spelling error, however. 'Peak' should be 'Peek'. That's it though.

I like Shamm very much, especially her sarcasm. I look forward to reading more of this story! (not right now unfortunately, supper calls ^-^)

12/10/2008 c3 2Valeria Astoreth
I was very, very entertained by all three chapters, even the short and not really important one. Please continue!

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