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for A River in Egypt

7/31/2009 c13 54big.break.and.laryngitis
:( Aw. Poor Jonty. Nice chapters, though! Can't wait for more :)
7/28/2009 c13 1Mad Mary Kidd
Perfect. Bloody perfect. This is the kind of story I search this site in vain to read. It's so nice (quite apart from anything else) to read a story by a fellow Brit for once! :)

Your characters are a dream, I think I'm in love with all of them, but particularly Jonty. I hope you're good at updating because I don't think I could bear to see this one go unfinished!

7/28/2009 c13 23frogs of war
Ah, poor Jonty.

Gareth wasn't helping matters. He could have at least folded the shirt, but it probably slipped off his desk when he wasn't looking. Sometimes it is the smallest things...
7/28/2009 c13 6MantraMagazine
OH! We're so very lucky to have a new chapter so soon! And with such a delightful outcome, it seems Jonty's getting on with the whole I-like-a-boy thing more quickly than expected, and the jealous thing is cute too. Thanks for posting frenchmartini! As always, I look forwards to your next update.
7/28/2009 c13 4Amindaya
I found "Mother, would you like to change the subject?" uncommonly hilarious. Maybe because it was right after he had offered Jonty a drink. I imagined it with that same polite tone.

The story is going wonderfully so far. I find Gareth's "voice" annoying, so I'm glad that we also get to hear the story from Jonty's side. His casual way of speaking/thinking balances it out. I'm really impressed with how distinctive each voice is. I can tell within the first paragraph of a new chapter who is speaking, whether or not names are mentioned.
7/27/2009 c12 6MantraMagazine
My goodness but your stroies are wonderfully entertaining! I've the terrible habit of getting rather exited whenever I see an update in my inbox, and am justly rewarded when I read it! You're story's amazing, and I always, always, always look forward to being able to read it! Thanks so much for posting, I look forwards to rereading and rereading... and rereading.
7/26/2009 c12 23plumblossom
What makes me happy about this story is that this boys are just so much themselves. And their awkwardness is lovely . . .

and _plants_. Oh my, plants! They have something substantial in common!
7/26/2009 c12 23frogs of war
So funny. We see how hard it is for Gareth to stick to the game plan.
7/26/2009 c12 tempura
Nothing better than Gareth to liven up a hopelessly boring Sunday. I don't agree with him, gardening is not for sissies. Too many bugs, too many kinds of them and the occasional snake, urgh. I am looking forward to see him explaining the usage of semi-colon to Jonty. Never understood the darned thing myself.
7/21/2009 c11 5writtenbyrandom
This is such a refreshing story! I really wish I had time to say more, but PLEASE know that I love the way you've written this, like a dual memoir. So perfect!
7/17/2009 c11 23frogs of war
I just realized I hadn't favorited you, even though I really like your stuff. Gareth got Jonty right where he wants him.
7/17/2009 c11 54big.break.and.laryngitis
Aw. I gotta say, the story's great and the characters are amazing, but I think that the UK slang just tops it all. Love it. No, though, like, what's-it-called. You know. Voice, I guess. In essays and stuff, we're all graded on voice and all, and this story has very good voice. No. I love it. And Jonty and Gareth are just great :)
7/17/2009 c11 6MantraMagazine
As always, your chapters are rediculously enjoyable and funny. I can't wait for the next chapter! Thanks for posting!
7/13/2009 c10 meep
LOL, such fun
7/10/2009 c10 3Nameless Rose
You add such distinctive character voices to this that I just can't help falling in love with this story!
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