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1/24/2010 c10 6letyoursoultakeflight
Love it! Poor Tria though... but I love it =]
1/24/2010 c9 letyoursoultakeflight
Aww, gorgeous =]
1/22/2010 c4 letyoursoultakeflight
Love the introductions and the titles involved!
1/22/2010 c3 letyoursoultakeflight
ooh, ove the cofusion in the works!
1/22/2010 c2 letyoursoultakeflight
I flashed her a quick smile. “At least he’s nice eye candy, yeah?”

- Nice =]
1/22/2010 c1 letyoursoultakeflight
Nice =] I always like the cliche of the bad with the good =] And I love angst... so very nice indeed!
9/3/2009 c1 Keela1221
I love this! Claire was funny as hell. I woke people up from laughing so hard. Great job!
6/28/2009 c15 animebuddy
So, I just read the whole thing in one sitting. I lufflez it (yes, I said lufflez; love is not a powerful enough word). My favorite chapter (or drabble, whatever) was the one about Tria's tattoo. I almost cried (but that's probably because I'm a sap for just about anything). My second favorite was the one where you introduced Micah. He's so epic. xD

Anyway, I'll definitely be reading the sequel and whatever spin-offs you write for it. Oh, did you ever get the whole beta thing resolved? If not, I would totally beta read for you. Lots of free time on my hands.
6/8/2009 c15 kepteinen
Oh, you did it perfectly.
6/8/2009 c15 4Blo0d StaiNed Rose
this chapter was beautiful to no end...Beautiful way to end the drabbles i must say...am off to read the sequel now which i haveno doubts that i will also love :)
6/7/2009 c15 AnswerKey
Aww, those two are adorable! I can't wait to read the sequel.

Happy birthday!
6/7/2009 c15 Siese
Oh, that was so sweet! Great way to end it, though I'm sad to see it go. I liked the little drabbles. And happy birthday!

6/7/2009 c15 6Scarlet Hyacinth
I really love these boys, they're so sweet they give you cavities. I enjoyed their story a lot and I was very pleased to hear you were writing a continuation. Sorry I don't review more, but am looking forward to more Addie&Tria goodness. Hope you post it soon. I think I already have you at Author's alert, but if I don't, I'll add you now. Hugs, Scarlet
5/31/2009 c14 11Torn and Tattered
I honestly suspect that I go without reviewing for too long. I mean, I read everything you send, any ideas you put at me, and bleh and blah but I never seem to review {not like I used to, at least}. I mean, it used to be *horror splash* OMG I FORGOT!

Now it's kind of like *sneaks on in weird hours [at school] for a moment of pure bliss from your writing* But I've still read everything.

Bleh, Tria. Tria still rules. =0 However, Micah was pretty awesome for his part. Lovely guy that he is. Never, EVER ask me to choose a favorite character from your cast lists... I'd invent non-removable duct tape, just for you.

You should be proud.

And so, I'm like rambling, because I haven't talked to you in a few. 0.o I know, I know, there's a phone... and MSN, but I'm kinda thinking my internet will possibly crash in a second, because my sister is, yet again, hogging the phone [that will disconnect me from my router because of the 2-way system that the router and the phone share].

I wonder - what other things could you use in A&T. Really... because you've like dumped amazing stuff into 14 drool worthy chapters and we're supposed to think of more stuff? I mean, how long have I known you [really] and you expect me to outdo you at your own game? So wrong.

To like reenact your like.. almost dead-betaship to me, I really need to start writing again. Don't hit me with that look! I know, I'm a horribly... uncompulsive writer?
5/31/2009 c14 4Blo0d StaiNed Rose
i loved this drabble..partly because it was dedicated to me which i want to thank you :D am really glad that you decided to write this because it turned out really good..it was anxious the way i like it...and the parents were awful to addie and i really do hate them now..

i cant wait for another drabble and i would love a sequel..:) i love addie and tria period..xD
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