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4/10/2009 c13 DefineNightmare
Sorry if I hadn't been reviewing before. I love that Addie would give up his company for Tria. A great spice was that Ben was the one who was more fit for the company xD

I'll definitely be read the sequel if it comes out, but for now:

update sooN xD
4/8/2009 c12 7writing.is.an.addiction
Eh-heh, I like Micah :-)

Can't wait for addison's bday!

Should be interesting, keep writing!
4/8/2009 c12 jessica loves a7x
oh micah popped outta no where lmao

he sounds cool

hope to see him in more of the stories
4/8/2009 c12 Siese
This was different! I liked Micah. He seemed cool, and actually like some of the people I hang out with. Ha!

Addison's twenty-first birthday sounds interesting! Can't wait for your next update. :)

4/7/2009 c11 12Ryette
They're so damn cute! I don't care if you want them to be this adorable-cuddly-aw, but whatever, it worked!

I really want to hug both of them. NOW.

Can I have one of them? Please...?

Keep it coming! Still awesome.

4/4/2009 c11 3Arizona Cross
I love Addie and Tria they're great! Nice work x
4/3/2009 c11 7writing.is.an.addiction
It's cute! Short, but sweet :-)

I'm glad they sorted that out...ish... :-)

Good job, as always
4/3/2009 c11 jessica loves a7x
this was ana wesome chapter
3/26/2009 c10 writing.is.an.addiction
Too cute!

I think it's cool we have background on tria now :-)

Thank you

Update soon please :-)
3/23/2009 c10 12Ryette
I didn't review the last (also amazing) chapter? Am I psychotic? I think I am. :)

Oh...poor, poor Tria. I can't even express how sorry I feel for him and everything he went through...

very lovely-y written, though. (lovely-y? I'm going insane...)

And I'd like to see what that tattoo looks like :)

Anxiously awaiting the next drabble!

3/22/2009 c10 Siese
Wow. Just...wow. That was happy and sad and just...wow. That's all I can say. How terrible for Tria! No one should have to go through something so horrible.

Oh! And I would LOVE to see a picture of that tattoo. It sounds beautiful.

3/22/2009 c10 jessica loves a7x
this is so awesome

id love to see what the tattoo is :)

keep up the good work
3/22/2009 c10 DefineNightmare
That was beautiful! I just love the sadness Tria had, and how Addie tried to help him. -wipes tear from eye-

3/18/2009 c9 4Blo0d StaiNed Rose
this was so cute...really..cant wait to see when they are off to college and when Addison turns 21...:) i like this two boys so mush...i have a soft spot for them :P

update soon :)
3/18/2009 c6 Blo0d StaiNed Rose
hey its been a long time since i last reviewed but i am no reading the new chapters...i must tell u that this is probably my favourite one..its so sad and angsty that i love it...it gave me goosebumbs all over...great job..:) off to read next ones now...:P
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