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for Honesty Day

1/13/2020 c1 7Alyce Reide
This is so good! Funny, sweet (grammar, yay!)...honest...

I love everyone's 'hidden truths'! Also the Trollhunters reference.
10/26/2010 c1 18sasha blue
this was amazingly funny, i loved it:)
7/17/2010 c1 2DreamingInNewYork
HAHA. This is one of the best stories I've read in a while.
6/22/2009 c1 Tawny Owl
I like the underlying sarcasm in this – like the public school system being an omnipotent thing. Phrases like attraction with out action really make the prose snap as well.

Josh and the microphone made me laugh as well.

One thing that did stand out was that it felt like there were a lot of characters in the first paragraph, and although I knew who they all were it would have been nice to know a bit more about them in terms of appearance of personality traits. The rest of the description was really good and it would have been fun to know how you perceived them and would have made it easier to differentiate between them in the later paragraphs.

Saying that I really liked the way you described Mr. Moretti and his various mishaps and the detail about the inedible substance on Mrs Mudd’s apron.

Ha, ha – the twist on the Truth or Dare who do you fancy with Russell and Charlie, and the seriously? Jim Sturgess comment was really clever. I liked that. The last line was brilliant too and tied the whole story up.

I really, really liked this.
12/17/2008 c1 8Amethyst Asheryn
Oh wow. Our school's never done this, but some of the things people did I can see happening at my school.

I loved this; some of the stunts made me grin (the speech on oral presentations, the food fight, the math-class fight. Oh, and the morning announcement as well.)

Great job, and thank you for giving me something truly amusing to read.

12/12/2008 c1 6Miss Tay
I could not stop laughing. That was hilarious. I love the idea of Honesty Day and how much chaos it caused throughout the school. But, the ending was adorable. Great job.

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