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for The Skinning

12/16/2008 c1 8LostInMe
12/14/2008 c1 18Enchanted Starrlite
Such creativity with the "dream" and the use of technology to explain it. The tender actions of the female are obviously appreciated by the male yet he thinks somehow there is something that she is misinterpreting about him. It seems to me that although she carresses his face and mind he wants her to figure out something much more. The poem progresses well and is glum at the end although the ending is perfect for its purpose. Good work!
12/14/2008 c1 18DarkRose1593
This is very interesting. At first it seems like the poem is seriously about a computer, but towards the end you get the feeling that it's just a symbol for something much deeper. Could be wrong, but that's my interpretation. :)

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