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for Hello and welcome to the murder studios! REWRITE

1/24/2010 c1 4Reaching You
That was kind of scary.


Remind me to never take a tour in a scary movie studio...

o vo~
7/28/2009 c1 13He Named It Fluffy
lol. I like it :)
3/31/2009 c1 anaa-pixie
ha ha!
12/15/2008 c1 1Frail.Wings.Of.Vanity
Yes, this is indeed much better! Well done Gup-chan!
12/14/2008 c1 24Ravina
Much better! I liked how she was 12 - it just made it all the more disturbing. (I initially pictured her as in her 20s.)

- Rebekah

P.S. I'll check out the ones you recommended in a little while - when I'm on my study break. :)

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