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4/3/2009 c1 14Masochistic.Vampiree
I really like this. Good work. Write more :)
4/2/2009 c1 24I'm just a dreamer
i liked it it was cool

by the way i'm britty

and i really like your stories/poems

and emotions that are in disguise

as words on paper...


keep on writing and i can tell your american by this story

but i like america so good work

from fellow fiction presser,

britty :D :D
2/1/2009 c1 21Tiernan Hunter
I like this. The flow is good and the tempo is perfect. I like the way it rhymes, and the scheme, and the plot is perfect in the way it portrays high school life. I love it.
1/1/2009 c1 11thelasttears
way way too relatable... just utterly and completely true
12/15/2008 c1 tangerine dreamer
i love it. it's real, heartfelt, and sad but at some points humorous. i can understand exactly how you feel.

my only critique would be the flow of the rhyming. some spots are brilliant, where others feel drawn out or too short. it's all about balance. just something to think about for future works.

that being said, well done! keep up the great work.
12/15/2008 c1 40All.PenNames.Must.Be.Unique
I've felt that way before. Really sucks. Anyway, loved the poem. (^_^)
12/15/2008 c1 10LeLa London
the exuberant i found your poem to be cute and incredibly sad. reminds me of middle school and high school (i'm in college so don't think i'm that old. Lol). are sure you don't want ask out that guy? i've learned that 'what might have been' is much worse than rejection, but could be just me. hope things work out for you.

sincerely, Lela

12/14/2008 c1 1sweets555
in theory, i love this. and its true. and i thought of this kid in my trig the whole time i was reading it, which i take as a sign of a good writer.

but it doesnt flow. some parts seem forced.

but i like it! a lot. great job, and good luck with that.
12/14/2008 c1 Anich
This was a good poem.
12/14/2008 c1 306Ashelin
The rhyming for this was excellent. So was the way you approached the subject matter. Somehow an age-old concept felt new. Great job!

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